Hi! I'm Caitlin. I am 25 years old and currently going to school at Utah Valley University. My major is anthropology and I finish in April 2014. I am working as a part time administrative assistant at a sales floor and I really love my job. It has been great to have while I am in school. I love cooking, especially cooking dinner for my husband. I love regency era romance novels, Austenland has recently been on my reading list, however Blackmoore and Edenbrooke have been quite enjoyable as well. All great novels. I love Better Homes and Gardens DIY magazines and special interest publications, I think I have every magazine from 2013 somewhere in my office. I love swedish fish. My favorite color is pink, I always think I will change that but whenever I am getting new things I automatically head straight to the pink stuff. I love it as an accent color to decorate with as well. I am completely in love with my wonderful husband Zack. He  is one of the best men that I know and I am so lucky I can call him mine. 

Zack is 24 years old and currently is working at a local electrician company. He is doing their apprenticeship program and he is becoming a world class traveler. This year alone he has been to Washington D.C., Dominican Republic, Houston, Australia, Spain, Panama, Paraguay, and Arizona. To start 2014 off he is headed to Canada. I love it when he travels because he brings me back a Christmas ornament from every place for our tree. He has also been bringing back nativity sets so I now have a small collection of those growing. He loves his job and I am so grateful that he enjoys working. He treats me so well and I could not have found a better husband anywhere. He puts up with a lot from me but he always has a smile on his face and love in his heart for me, no matter what. He loves pink floyd, video games, peanut butter m & ms and trying new restaurants. 

Our life: we were married April 27, 2012. It was a wonderful wedding day and I can still remember every detail of it. So many people came to support us and help us start out our new life together. Our first apartment was in Orem, Utah. We lived there for about a year then decided to try something new. We moved to American Fork and lived there for six months. We didn't particularly like our second apartment so we searched for something new in the meantime. We found a really nice apartment in Lehi and packed up our stuff once again (Zack hates moving now). We moved into Apartment Number One and love our little place we call home. 

My blog is to document our life in our apartment. I realized a few months ago, after reading numerous blogs that not many of them talk about apartment organization, decorating ideas, etc. I hope to add to the blog world by talking about some of these topics. Feel free to kick your shoes off and stay awhile. Read through past posts, look through the picture tab at our current adventures, and make sure to leave a comment. I love reading blogs so if you have one make sure and comment so I can come check yours out. Thanks for stopping by


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