Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spiritual Reset

I need a spiritual reset in my life. I have gotten so mundane with how I am handling my relationship with Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. I don't mind church, I really don't. It's just I have no motivation for it. I want to change that and I have this feeling that I need to change that. I keep longing to have a really good scripture study routine, to attend the temple, to say family prayer etc. I know that these things make me feel better and be better so it's time to set a plan. After reading this post by Danika I got some good ideas and felt that making a list of things I wanted to accomplish spiritually would make me feel better. You all know I love my lists.

1. Say my prayers before bedtime. I am not going to commit to saying my prayers twice a day. I know that sounds horrible to some of you but for me it's really good to start out small. This is a small goal I can do every day. I know that saying prayers brings more peace and direction in my life and I am craving that so much.

2. Pick up the Book of Mormon and continue reading where I left off. Reading the Book of Mormon really helps strengthen and solidify my faith in Jesus Christ. It helps me learn that all humans are the same; we go through periods where we are super righteous and awesome and we also go through periods where we are a little prideful and we forget to be humble. That's okay as long as we can repent and move on. Anyway I don't want to start off at the beginning of the Book of Mormon again because, well I have read it so many times. I am just going to pick up where I left off which is in Alma somewhere. I want to sit down without distractions for 15 minutes a day, to read. I am going to have to wake up early so I can do this but it will be worth it.

3. Read the relief society lesson each week. We are currently nursery leaders so I don't get to go to relief society. Which is a bummer because it's the Gordon B. Hinckley manual this year and I love him. He was my prophet growing up and I just want to reconnect with what he taught us about the gospel. Reading the manual book will help me feel that again.

Those are my goals. Oh also our family goal of attending the temple once a month. We missed January so we are trying to get back on track. I wanted to really keep my goals simple but writing them down helps out so much with that. I am excited to get started on these goals and I hope it provides the spiritual reset I so desperately need.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

St. George Trip #2

We went to St. George again! My family actually went this time and it was a really fun weekend filled with a lot of activities. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was enjoying all the moments so these are the pictures and snap chats I got.

 These are pictures of the house we stayed at. Long story short my Husband's Aunt owns a few houses in St. George that she has turned into rental houses, we get to go stay down there because my Mother in Law helps her organize and set up the house which requires a lot of work. I am super grateful that we get to go down so much and enjoy the warm weather in the winter.

 We went on a four wheeler ride the first day and it was freezing out so we had to bundle up. Claire didn't have a hat so she got to wear a pirate bandana over her ears.

 Here she is in her car seat in the four wheeler. She was all bundled up and loved it. She kept saying yahoo, wee, yippee. It was so cute.

 Trying out a new restaurant Bishop's Grill. It was really yummy! Claire holding her bottle makes this picture!


 We went on a hike Sunday afternoon to see some cool Petroglyphs. This Rock temple was in the background. It seriously looks like a temple. Anyway, it was a great hike!

Claire loved spending the weekend with her aunts and uncles and grandparents. She was one spoiled baby. Thanks Rachel and Jenna for entertaining her all weekend. I hit the jackpot when I got you guys as sisters.

It was a really fun weekend. Can't wait until we go back!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Books I read January

I have a reading goal to read 3 books a month this year. I hit my goal last year and I am excited to read more books in 2017. If I hit my goal again that is 36 books this year that I'll be reading. In January I only read 2 and a half but I am kind of far ahead in my reading goal for February and we are going on vacation this month to St. George (again I know) so I know I'll make up for it.

First book I read was Forever and Forever by Josi S. Kilpack. I love these historical proper romance books and this one was really good. Historical romance novels are kind of my thing and this one was just like all the other ones I read. No matter how many times I read the same type of story line I still think that the books are great and make me feel those feelings of being in love for the first time all over again. She just had a new book come out in January which I am excited to read this month.

A series of unfortunate events came out on Netflix and before I watch it I want to read all the books. The series is going to be books 1-4 and in January I read The Bad Beginning which is book one.

This book is dark for a children's novel. Bad things happen to the kids and it's just really sad. It's nice to see that the kids are smart and try and figure everything out on their own. The series doesn't have a happy ending so don't read it if you are going to be mad at that but I think they are fun and I can't wait to watch what Netflix does for the books.

The other book I started in January but didn't finish was First Women.

This is about the challenging position of being First Lady and talks about the first ladies from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama. I love it. Seeing the insight into the white house, seeing how these ladies dealt with issues is just empowering. I am working on finishing it and my goal is to have it finished this week. Really good read for those into American History.

On my list for February:
Lauren Graham Talking as Fast as I Can
Red Queen Aveyard, Victoria
Better Than Before by Gretchen Ruben
The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket
Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern

What's on your list?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Shows I recommend streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

I love watching t.v. shows. I usually have one playing during the day as background music while I get things done around the house, so it wasn't a surprise when the office theme song would start playing Claire would start dancing. She's heard it so many times.
I decided I should make a list of all the shows I love to watch in case you are looking for a new show to try out.

1. The Office. Of course I have to mention this one. It's seriously my favorite. Zack loves it to so it's fun watching it together.
2. Parks and Rec. Equally as awesome as The Office. I actually never finished the series and previously had only watched through season 4. So now I am watching it over and it's amazing! Highly recommend.
3. Scandal. This is a fun one. You would really like it if you are into politics, or what it's like behind the scenes at the white house. Of course it's all made up so it's probably not anything like the show at all but it's fun to imagine it being that way. Even the rigged voting system.
4. Grays Anatomy. Scandal and Grays are actually written by the same writer which is interesting. I love Gray's. I'm only on season 5 and have paused it to watch other shows but this is a good one if you like medical stuff and hospital drama.
5. Gilmore Girls. I am currently reading Lauren Graham's book Talking as Fast as I can and it's phenomenal. One of my favorite books written by a celebrity, I'm half way through and it just makes me realize how much I really love Gilmore Girls.
6. Friends. I finished friends last year in 2016. It took me about 7 months because I watched it from the beginning and now I realize why everyone loved it so much. I love Chandler and seriously want to name a baby boy Chandler but Zack is totally against that so I don't think it will happen.

1. The Bachelor. Need I say more?
2. Agents of Shield. This is probably my favorite show that is currently airing. It's the only show Zack and I are fully caught up on and watching during real time. We love it. Marvel does such a good job with it and I love watching the character's develop. I thought it was going to be terrible after certain character's died or left the show but really it turned out to be so good.
3. Master Chef and Master Chef Jr. The only other show I watch during real time. I love this cooking show so much. I just wish I could taste the food while I watch it to. Also it's nothing like Hell's Kitchen and Gordon Ramsey is pretty nice in this show. It makes you like him.

Amazon Prime:
1. Poldark. Aidan Turner:
 You wont be disappointed if you like Downton Abbey and shows with that kind of vibe.
2. Speaking of Downton Abbey it's on Amazon Prime. I own all the seasons on DVD (got them for my birthday the last 4 years) but it's a great period drama.
3. When Calls The Heart. It's not free but the first two seasons are on Netflix and you can buy the seasons on Amazon Prime. You can probably find the seasons on You Tube or check them out from your local library as well. Claire and I are probably making a trip down to our library today to see if they have it.

Happy Streaming!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Favorites

It's February first! that means it's time for a January favorites post! This is something I want to keep up with every month because it's a good way to see what products I loved throughout the year. This post will include beauty products, multi-media, home goods, books, and so much more. I hope you enjoy it.
For the beauty category I have made it a commitment to wear makeup every day I work. This means about 4 times a week usually. On the other days I am just at home teaching piano lessons (which I will write more about later) I usually at least do concealer, eyebrows, and mascara. I have gotten really lax in my makeup wearing and I have also found that minimal is best for me. I don't like a foundation that is to heavy, and I really don't need it. These are the products I have been using this past month and I have fallen in love with each of them.
1. Tarte Amazonian Blush in Exposed

I love this color! It's the perfect color for my fair skin and I just feel like it's the perfect every day blush. I have been wearing it every day for the past month and I highly recommend it.

2. Nyx micro brow pencil in taupe.

 So I've only been filling in my eyebrows since 2013. I know it's crazy but I feel like they really shape my face and it looks so much better when I do. This micro brow pencil is perfect for my brows and I love that it comes with a spooley on the end. A really great product if you are looking for something new.

3. Last but not least is Lipsense.
I was skeptical about trying lipsense. I know all the hype about it and I just am not a lip product person. I have so many lip glosses, lip stick, etc but I honestly never wear them. So I didn't want to spend $55.00 on a product if I wasn't going to truly love it and wear it. Anyway I took the plunge this month and seriously it is amazing. I bought the color first love and it's perfect:
It's just this great every day neutral color and it's a my lips but better color for me. Love lipsense and I will be buying more. In fact I need to go buy my next color :)

4. The last beauty product I have fallen in love with is the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Seriously I don't know if you would ever need another palette, this one is so perfect. I can do so many eyeshadow looks and it's great for travel. We have been going on a lot of vacations to St. George this year already and I always take this palette with me. If I forget a product I can usually use an eyeshadow to perform the same the function, such as for brows, highlighter, etc. It's worth the money and you will use it all the time. I've had this palette for 2 years now and it feels like I hardly have made a dent in it, which is why I am making a goal to wear makeup more. Love it so much!

Now moving onto my other hobby which is Planning. I have been obsessed with planning since 2012. I found the Erin Condren Life Planner that year and have loved it ever since. With this obsession has come an obsession over stickers. The newest sticker shop I discovered in January is Fox and Cactus.

 Just look how cute their banner is for their shop. Which you can find here.
I get the rose stickers cause she looks the most like me and I got a bunch with my last order. If you need cute character stickers check them out.

Another planner favorite this month has been designing my own planner stickers. I find it saves me money and let's me be creative. I want to start up my series of how to make planner stickers again on the blog so look out for more of those types of posts.
Some of my favorite designers right now are:
TWG Designs
Frou Frou Craft
and Bloomsical

My last category of favorites is Multi-media.
The first one is a T.V. show called Parks and Rec

I'm sure many of you have already watched it but if you need a show to watch on netflix this is a good one. My husband likes it as well so we usually watch it together at night after Claire goes to bed.

The last multi-media favorite is the kindle app for iPhone. I am loving my reading goal I have for 2017 and have read some great books so far. It's nice to have them right on my phone so that I can read if it gets slow at work or if I am waiting in an office somewhere. I do have a kindle as well but it's much easier for me to have access to it through my phone.

Well there you have it. What are some of your favorites from this past month?