Thursday, November 2, 2017

Toddler Halloween Outfits

I love holidays! We always go a little crazy with outfits and costumes during the month of October. I am already planning Christmas outfits for baby girl as well cause I just can't help myself.

 Outfit #1 Pants: Walmart Shirt: Walmart

 Outfit #2: Princess dress hand me down, Minnie outfit underneath: Birthday gift

 Outfit #3 Pants: Walmart, Shirt: Walmart

 Outfit #4 Our family costumes this year. Roger, Anita, and a Dalmatian (she called it puppy face)

 Outfit #5 This is what she wore to church and it was so cute! Dress: Screaming Owl Pants: Screaming Owl Bows: Walmart

 Outfit #6 Skirt: Walmart Shirt: Walmart Bows: Walmart

 Outfit #7 Moana dress: Walmart! This was Halloween morning and she wore this dress to storytime at the library and to run errands with mom. 

Outfit #8 Our last one! She was Princess Anna for trick or treating and loved it. She loved getting candy and passing candy out to all the kids. 

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone had a fun safe time!
XO Caitlin

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  1. they are all such adorable looks. i am going to try all of them on my niece i am sure she is going to pull of all of them. thanks for posting