Tuesday, September 19, 2017

General Conference Prep

General conference is coming up next weekend! I am so excited for general conference this year and I have been prepping by doing a few different things. I figured I would share those things with you all.

1. Start Praying now!
Pray for the leaders and speakers. Pray for you and your family. Pray to receive direction, inspiration, and guidance. Prayer is amazing and I need to do more of it so I am starting on this one as well.

2. Ponder about your life and know your questions
Think about your stage in life, are you a student that just moved out for the first time? Are you thinking of purchasing your first home? Are you trying to decide to get married, have a baby, further your education etc. Are you wondering what else you can do to have your days seem more fulfilling? Maybe there is someone in your life you are concerned about and you are wondering how you can help them? Ponder about all of these questions and more in the next week or so. Write them down. Knowing your questions will allow you to try and listen for answers. When praying (step #1, you can pray about the specific questions).

3. Read your scriptures.
I have been doing a lot more of this lately (Another blog post coming soon). Right now I read whenever I feel my anxiety creeping up on me. Whenever I need a "break" as a mom (cause we all need those), I read a few verses in the Book of Mormon. It calms my spirit and really helps me to refocus on my child and our family. Along with reading the scriptures, I also read general conference talks from the previous session. So right now I am working through April 2017 conference talks. I found that I watch a lot of YouTube videos while doing chores like laundry and dishes through out the day. I have just replaced that with watching general conference talks. I feel the spirit more and it gives me some new insight on my challenges.

4. Attend the temple.
The temple is a source of peace for me. It's a place where I feel grounded in the gospel. Much of the gospel gives me anxiety as I think about deep doctrines and principles. The temple allows me to reconnect with God and to say hey I can do this. Just take it one day at a time. The temple also allows me to worship Heavenly Father in a way that I can't anywhere else. I know that I feel of His love there and I am encouraged to do better. Attending the temple before conference opens my heart up to what I need to hear.

5. Plan your weekend with Purpose.
Make sure you don't over plan your conference weekend. If you go on vacation (like us) make sure and plan your activities you do around conference times. Make sure you have a way to watch or listen to conference while you are out of town. Planning less activities makes it so you have more time to focus on the spirit and you aren't feeling like you have to get somewhere really fast.

What are ways you plan for general conference?

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  1. I think that the factor of thinking about yourself is the most important thing above all. Getting to know yourself can help you a lot. Hope that the conference goes well.