Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall Decor

I put up my fall decor this weekend so I took some pictures and decided I should put it up on the blog! I'll post where I got everything from at the bottom of the pictures but hopefully you enjoy. I am so excited for fall and stay tuned for my fall bucket list post coming this week.

First we have my entry way table.

 The giant pumpkin on the bottom is from Hobby Lobby, as well as the Happy Harvest sign. The wood sign in the bin is from Michael's. The black candle holder is also from Michael's as well as the two pumpkins on top.

From there you see the piano and I put some pumpkins and then some flowers and candles on the right. The candle is from bath and body works and it is the leaves candle. Just a classic fall candle and I love it. The small burlap pumpkin on the holder is from the dollar tree as well as the flowers in the vase.

 From the piano you have my music shelf. The two wood signs are from Michael's. The leaf garlands from dollar tree and this candle is marshmallow fireside from Bath and Body Works. 

From there you see this book case (which I desperately need to organize). The flowers in the vase are from dollar tree as well as the pumpkins and the leaf garlands.

 The T.V. Stand has a white pumpkin from Michael's. Fall family pictures from last year in dollar tree frames. Some more dollar tree pumpkins and some leaf garlands.

My table centerpiece was a DIY I did with items from the dollar tree. The flowers are all from dollar tree as well as the burlap.

I love this little corner in my kitchen and the flowers and vase are from dollar tree, the pumpkin from Walmart and the candle is pumpkin cupcake from Bath and Body works.

I just love how cozy having this decor up makes our home feel and honestly it wasn't that much money. Dollar tree for the win!


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  1. I really wish I could do the same to my house, only if I could get some free time out of this busy routine. Your decorations look beautiful. Great job!