Saturday, September 2, 2017

Claire's two year update:

7 lbs 8 oz
19 inches long

Two Week Appointment:
8 lbs 8 oz 75%
20 inches long 75%

Two Month Appointment:
12 lbs 4 oz 75%
 21 inches long 75%

Four Month Appointment:
  16lbs 5oz  75%
25 inches long 75%

Six Month Appointment 
19 lbs 75%
27.5 inches long 95%

Nine Month Appointment
20lbs 3 oz 75%
28.5 inches long 75%

1 year appointment
22 lbs 0 oz 80%
31 inches long 95%

15 Month Appointment
23lbs 12 oz 50%
31 inches long 75%

18 Month Appointment
25lbs 4 oz 70%
33 inches long 80%

2 year update
27lbs 3 oz 75%
35 inches long 60%

Claire is now in size 2t/3t clothes (depending on the brand of course). She is in size 5 diapers and we are starting to potty train this month. She is so ready for potty training. She sleeps from 8pm to about 8:30am. She takes a 3 hour nap everyday. Her favorite foods are blueberries, chicken nuggets, and fruit snacks. She loves playing outside and since we have a house now we have been outside a lot. She loves reading books and building lego's. She can sing the ABC's, count to 10, and knows most of her colors. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to voice her opinion. We got a puppy so she loves playing with Oreo.  She brings so much joy and light into our home. We are so blessed to have her.


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  1. it is really nice to see your family flourishing. i absolutely love everything about your blog with your cheerful personality it makes it all the more amazing