Saturday, September 2, 2017

Claire's 2nd Birthday

August 22nd, 2015.

This sweet girl of mine came into my life. She made me a mommy! Now that sweet girl is 2.
For her party this year we did a Unicorn theme. I made a cute unicorn chalk invitation (can't show it here for privacy reasons). I found all the decorations at Target and Michaels.

 These are some cute photo booth props that Michaels had.

My sister made the amazing Unicorn cake! The hair looked so cool. We also had cupcakes for people with gold unicorn horns. 

 Zack and I got her this Anna dress for dress ups. She loves dress ups lately and now she has so many. She got so many wonderful presents but I think she just enjoyed being around people she loved the most.

We love you Claire!



  1. Wow you Claire is a big girl now. Congratulations. She has been turning to two and you both must be proud of her for all her milestones

  2. These are amazing photos from Claire’s birthday party. I know how fast time seems to flies with a baby in your hands. My daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday next week and even I’m surprised to see how quickly she’s grown up. We will be organizing a party for her birthday at one of the well-known venues in Los Angeles.