Thursday, August 3, 2017

Toddler Target Educational Haul

Hello! I am back with a different type of post. The last month and half I have been watching a lot of YouTube, and especially a lot of homeschooling videos. Homeschooling is seriously something I never even considered but as I watch Claire learn and grow I just realized that I want to be with her longer then I would get to if I sent her to school. I went through public school and it was totally fine, I have a bachelor's degree and I feel like I was prepared for college when I left high school.
Claire is only 2 years old (well turning two in a few weeks) so she doesn't need preschool right away. I have found, by watching a lot of YouTube video's, that there is so much I can do with her now to prepare her for school when the time comes.
Recently Target came out with all of their educational materials in the dollar spot so I decided to pick up a bunch of items for our homeschooling experience. Here is everything I grabbed (some of this stuff is still in stores but going fast so make sure and pick it up if you are interested).

 So this first batch of stuff includes everything you see above and I'll show close up pictures further down.

 I got this alphabet magnets and number magnets. These are great because you just get a metal cookie sheet and Claire can play with them all day. They are good for her to trace the outside of the number to recognize the shape. The alphabet ones are fun because they are in the shape of something that starts with that letter. We go over the sounds of the alphabet right now to help her with reading.

 We got this chalkboard to also practice coloring on. She isn't writing letters now and I don't expect her to but it's good to practice writing by coloring.

 These books were only a dollar each! What!! I loved them all and Claire has been enjoying reading them.

 I got some flash cards as well. It's easy to start the "school" day off with flash cards.

 I also got some stickers because she is highly motivated by stickers.

 Here she is reading one of her books. She just loves it!

Now onto the second batch of stuff from Target.

 The first thing you see on the left is those wall cleans, they will be great for the bulletin boards I have planned for our playroom.

 I got some matching games, a number and sequence puzzle and some flashcards. I am really excited to use them.

 I got a dry erase white board. This is also a great tool to practice writing through coloring.

 These month decals also come with numbers so that will be great to go over days of the week/ months with her as we switch them out.

 I found these felt books and I am so so so excited for them. These are the only two I found but I can't wait to open them up for hands on reading.

The last thing we got was this read aloud book because it's very important to read to your kids. We read at least 20 minutes a day.

I will post a schedule of what we do every day for our Toddler Home school later on after we have it down but I don't plan on spending more then an hour and half in school each day. That's all she needs and then we can have open ended play play time.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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