Friday, June 30, 2017

June Favorites

I really need to step up my blogging game. I think once I officially start working from home (next week) I'll be able to do it more frequently. In the meantime I have a lot of things going on that I am super excited to share about. Today I am doing a June monthly favorites post. I haven't done one of these in a while and it has been fun to get all the stuff together that I have liked so far. I like to break the items down into four categories so here we go.
I have been getting back into wearing makeup and have actually worn it almost every day during the month of June. It's helped a lot because my face hasn't gotten burned or anything since my foundation has SPF of 15 in it. So the biggest beauty item I have been loving is the new lipsense color I got in the shade Goddess. It was a limited edition color a while ago and I was lucky to get one and I love it.

I stopped by the bella ella curvy boutique in American Fork a couple weeks ago and fell in love. I am always looking for some new cute plus sized tops and they had a lot of ones I was dying to get. I ended up getting two and one is the best. It's this mustard yellow color with cacti all over it. I also picked up a pair of their jeans and I must say I am really impressed with them. I love how they fit and look so I am really happy I found a new store.

sorry for the annoying volume button in the middle of the picture but I am wearing the cacti shirt here. 

For toddler clothing we have been loving the holiday skirts that Walmart puts out with every new holiday. I of course have a week's worth of red white and blue clothing for Claire but you know I can always use more. It helps that in Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day (July 24th) and that is also a red/white and blue holiday so we can wear those outfits all month long.

I mean really how cute is that skirt! We bought that one along with this cute outfit from Target.
I plan on doing a 4th of July outfit's post next week since we have so many.

Snacks/Food related items
I'll start with Claire for this one. We recently have been transitioning out of her needing a bottle at nap time and we have found what really works is getting her a new sippy cup. She loves new things (she gets that from her mom) so it helps her stay excited about what is happening. I picked up the tommy tippee sippy cup with a straw in it and so far it's been a big hit. I love that the top closes down over the straw so I don't have to worry about it spilling out all over the diaper bag. She still has mostly water or milk at this point but she likes the cup a lot. 

I recently discovered the M&Ms Caramel version and they weren't to bad. It tasted like a rolo with some crunch added to it so if you are looking for a new snack give that a try.

I also love the fudge striped cookies in the cookies and creme flavor, they are so yummy!

Multi-Media Favorites:
I have to start this section off with Wonder Woman. I love her. Seriously she is so amazing and inspiring. After watching the movie I was like yes let's go work out, I want to look like her (ha I have a LONG way to go but I seriously want to do it). I am so glad they put out a movie with such a strong female role model. She's amazing and I love that movie.

Another media favorite has been Big Brother! I am so excited it's back on and I just get sucked into this show.It's basically Survivor but in a house instead of on an Island and there is usually a bunch of young kids under the age of 30. It's fun. I like watching the drama of it all. I would say it is definitely my guilty pleasure show.

My last favorite from June would have to be my new job. I started at Entrata the first week of June and just finished up my training. I took my work computer home with me and I am ready to start working Monday. It will be a big change but I am excited to be working from home and to have more time to be a housewife and a mom. I've missed spending time with Claire during the day so I am glad I get to do that now.

Thanks for sticking around even though I haven't posted very regularly. I do plan to but I always find things to distract me with. July will be better though.

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