Monday, June 12, 2017

Books I read: April and May

So May was crappy. I am honestly glad that it was done and over with quickly. I don't  want to talk much about it, other than that it was a hard month for me with depression and anxiety. I quit my old job and got a new one and ever since then I have been so much happier so I know that most of that came from that job I didn't like. I'm so glad I made that change.
I had a lot of plans to blog about good things but here I am with a books I read post. I am going to keep trying to hit my goal of reading 3 books a month and so far June is off to a pretty good start.

Okay so for April and May I read no books. Seriously, I started about 4 but only got three chapters into them and wasn't feeling it. I need to branch out in genres so for June I have some different books I am reading.

I am reading Austenland. I've read it before but It's a good, light hearted book that is allowing me to get back into my reading goals. I can finish it pretty quickly and the story interests me.

My second book I want to read in June is Hunger by Roxane Gay. I know she is a controversial writer but the anthropologist in me is super interested in this book. I took a couple classes on women, food and the body in college which I loved. Having that background I feel that this book is going to be so eye opening and I can't wait to read it. It goes into detail about her personal experiences with food, and how some of us have a good relationship with it and others have a bad one. I can't wait to read it.

My third book I want to read is Othello by William Shakespeare. This was my favorite play in high school and I want to revisit it as an adult. I've already started and I am using an annotation system to really dive into it again. Basically I have 4 different colored sticky notes, one for quotes, one for themes, one for people and one for symbols. As I read the book I am going to put the sticky notes on different pages that outline those areas so I can really understand it and enjoy it. I know Shakespeare can be difficult to read but so far it's working and I'm not finding it that hard to do.

Basically I set aside 20 minutes a day at night before I go to bed for reading, I put down my phone, turn off the tv, and while the baby is sleeping enjoy my reading time. I usually read Othello during this time since I have the hard copy. I read Austenland while laying in bed before I turn off the lamp. Reading is something that is so important to me so I make sure to have that time carved out of my day.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but look forward to more in the coming month.

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