Monday, May 15, 2017

May Blogging Plan

May has gotten away from me. Basically April did to. I was doing so good on my goals until about the last week of April and the end of May. This is also when I was going through a planner crisis and wasn't keeping up on my planner, I think it is in correlation because I feel like everything is getting away from me right now. It doesn't help we went on vacation's back to back and then we had some major holidays (Mother's Day and Easter). I have plans to get back to everything and I am starting with the blog.

First I am going back to my posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means five more posts I need to come up with for May. For ideas so far I have, My blogging plan (already typing up that one), Books I read April and May (I am going to combine these two because I didn't read very much in April and hardly at all in May), I am your typical Mormon Mom and I love it (in response to this post by Al Carraway. I love her and I wanted to share what I thought about being a working Mormon Mom and why that is OK to), Toddler Favorites for a 21 month old (Ah!! I can't believe that), and I can't come up with a fifth post.
So that is my blogging goals so far. As for reading (which is a part of blogging goals since I post on what I read), I am currently reading a book called America's First Daughter and so far I like it. I also checked out Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin and hope to at least crack it open soon. I think that is all I will get through this month and I might not even get through those but here's to hoping.
Life has been really good lately, just busy and I am still dealing with Anxiety and trying to figure that all out. I hope to keep up with the blog more as I do love sharing our adventures here.
Maybe that is what I will do for the last post in May is a combination of what we have done all month, like a monthly recap.


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