Monday, April 24, 2017

What was in Claire's Easter Basket

Holiday's are so much fun when you have children. Claire has been loving all the family time we get to have when there is a holiday and that is the most important thing. She lit up when she saw what the Easter bunny brought her. I may have gone a little over board but I just love her to much not to spoil her.
Her basket was the same one we had last year from Walmart or Target I can't remember. I didn't put any grass in because I knew she would immediately pull it out and make a mess with it so I saved myself the hassle. The one thing I knew for sure she needed to get was her Easter dress and everything else was just extra, she didn't get a lot of candy which is good cause I would have ended up eating it.

Basically you can see everything there but we got coloring books, stickers, those bath changing foam things (which she hated BTW), bath books,  some stickers/notebooks,  and pajamas.
She is sure loved.


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