Monday, April 24, 2017

What I eat in a day

 Lately I have been trying to be more aware of what I eat. I know that our bodies can only intake so much bad stuff before it starts effecting our every day lifestyle. Although what I currently eat wouldn't necessarily be referred to as clean eating this is a lot healthier then what I normally eat.
This is also what I eat on workdays which is Monday-Thursday.

 For breakfast I generally love having bagels. Thomas Bagels are only 260 and I actually eat mine plain most of the time. Sometimes I will toast them and add a tbsp of cream cheese which only adds about 50 calories. I am counting calories while I'm trying to loose weight and it's hard. I know, but will be worth it.

I then go to work for about 6 hours and I eat my bagel at work, then I'll have a 32 oz of water before lunch time. This helps me so much to stop overeating/snacking. I also chew gum, that is my lifesaver when trying to loose weight.
 I love this huge mason jar I got from Target and I try and fill it up at least twice a day but usually reach three. Water is so good for you!

For lunch at work I have been meal prepping, If you haven't seen my previous post about meal prep then you should check it out but I ate one of my meal prep lunches today and it was yummy. Chicken and veggies over rice. If I don't meal prep then I have been getting those salad kits at the grocery store and I love those for lunch to.

After I get home Claire usually goes down for a nap and I am hungry/ ready for a snack. My go to snack is usually popcorn but I like to save that for movie night. Today I had a yogurt.

 If I am still hungry after a snack I'll have more water and then will try and get myself busy doing something around the house. Once I am busy it helps me stay away from the kitchen.

For dinner I just have whatever is on our menu for the night, it varies but tonight it was chicken Parmesan with salad. So yummy!

Eating right is so important, make sure and take care of your body while you can.

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