Friday, April 7, 2017

Toddler Clothing Haul

Toddler clothes are so fun! I love purchasing new clothing for Claire. I budget her clothing in with our weekly groceries because I shop at Walmart. This makes it easy because the majority of her clothes are from Walmart. They have such cute items and I just love how inexpensive they are. We have a weekly grocery budget and I use whatever isn't spent on groceries to purchase clothing, household items, activity items, etc. So let's start with what I got her at Walmart.

In this picture above you see all the basic items she needed. On the right are her shirts. I got a few solid shirts in the spring colors and then a few in the patterns. All are size 24M which in shirts is almost two small for her. On the right is the pant selections, as well as the shorts. These are in 24 months and the shorts and skirts fit her but the pants in the middle with the bow on them those are a little to big around her middle. She has a tiny waist so we usually just stick with leggings.

In this picture I got her two new pairs of shoes. Those sandals are to die for! So perfect to wear with her new Easter dress (I'll do a post on our Easter outfits in two weeks, after Easter). She also got some 2T shirts which are adorable. That unicorn one up at the top! I also got her a pack of toddler socks because she needed some to wear with her new tennis shoes since we are outside a lot now that the weather is warmer. Oh I also got a few footie pajamas that aren't pictured because she needed new ones.

Now onto what I got from Target.

The Cat & Jack brand at Target is my favorite. Those eyelet t-shirts I couldn't resist. And those black leggins in the middle are what I have her wear basically daily. They are great play leggings. This brand is very inexpensive and Target usually has sales every now and then.

So that's it for her spring clothing haul. I picked up a bunch of dresses from Walmart recently but didn't take a picture so she is also set for dresses for church.


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