Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Favorite Planner Sticker Shops

If you've been following this planning community then you know it's kind of exploded into an awesome hobby for so many people. I love having sticker kits in my planner and kit's that represent the week and what's going on. Follow me on Instagram @holladayplans to see all my planner spreads over there.
A lot of time people will ask what shops are the best to start purchasing weekly kits from so I decided I should make a list of my favorite ones. All of these shops have stickers for the Erin Condren Life Planner which is the planner I use. Use this link to get $10.00 off your first order, and if you haven't heard their planners are 50% off right now so it's a good time to try out the brand.

Full Weekly Kits
1. Scribble Prints Co. Andrea creates beautiful kits. They are kind of on the pricey side but she has 6 employees, and she also has a business to run so I understand the price. I feel like they are only marked up by a few dollars though so it's not outrageous. Usually I can re-create most of the kits she brings to the shop because I have figured out how to use the silhouette software and where to buy digital paper and clipart. Some of the kits are just to good to pass up so I buy those ones. I also get some functional stickers from her like my cruise countdown stickers.

2. The Glam Planner. If any of you are Elle Fowler fans then you will love the glam planner. Elle has been on YouTube forever and I feel like she and her sister Blair started the whole beauty guru thing on YouTube years ago. Anyway she now owns and runs a sticker shop. Her kits are really nice and beautifully done. I like Scribble Prints Co a little better because more items come in the kit and I hardly have to pull anything extra to use. With Elle's kit's I sometimes have to pull in a lot more functional stickers to make the spread work for me but that's half the fun of planning for me. I know some people might not like that so I thought I would mention it. Her kits are a little more reasonably priced but not by much.

3. Planning Roses. I love Jenna. Her style and everything about her is just something I gravitate toward. I love her lifestyle YouTube channel so much but her sticker shop is my favorite. She comes out with really unique items. Uses some clipart that other shops use but not much and her kits are just unique because of that. Her Easter kit was my favorite one because it was more mature and I wanted to use that one in my planner this year.

4. Shop Jessica Hearts. I discovered her shop last year in May. She creates gorgeous unique kits and this Marble one she did as a mystery kit is probably one of my favorites. She hasn't brought it back to her shop since but all the stuff she continues to create is beautiful and fun.

5. Creating and Co. I love her unique kits. She really loves Harry Potter and has some great kits out around that theme. She does a lot of movie themed kits like Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, etc. She does have some other unique kits I fell in love with like this Bloom kit. I want to use it in March but I don't have any space in my planner with all the kits I currently have so I'll have to use it in May. Paige does great work and I really love her kits and her matte paper. Her paper feels so nice.

Functional Stickers/ Character Stickers
1. Once More With Love. This post wouldn't be anything if I didn't mention the famous munchkin shop. Seriously her munchkin's are so cute I have such a hard time resisting purchasing all of them. I have 3 sheets of each of my favorites because I use them every week.

2. The Coffee Monsterz co. I love the emoti's she has. They are so cute and she is one of the few shops that has grandparent stickers that I like. I try and call my grandparent's once a week because I am lucky to have them around still so I want to treasure those times.

3. Fox and Cactus. This is an Australian shop and it's surprising how fast the shipping is. I love the quality of her stickers and they are so cute to add a little bit of fun to my spreads. My favorite are the payday ones, and the laundry ones.

4. Scribble Prints Co. They released a line of girls called Scribbler's and I love Jennifer the most. The mom life of Jennifer was a must have for me so I picked up three of those sheets. They are usually released during her $2 Tuesday sales so you can get them for a steal.

If you are looking to get into the planner world then definitely check out these shops cause I think you'll love them.


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