Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March Summary

I'll spare you the whole... it's going so fast make time stop. I think that is just a consequence of being an adult and having a kid. But I wanted to start doing blog posts on a summary of every month to see how it went.
What was AWESOME about March.
1. NEW JOB!! I got a new job which I am so excited about. I am going to be working for the city of Provo in the fleet/sanitation/water department. I am the new office administrative assistant and I am really excited for this new opportunity. I only work M-TH and I work early morning 7:30 am - 1:30 pm. I have babysitters lined up for Claire and I am just excited to start somewhere new.

2. We got a new entertainment center. You saw it in my post on Easter Decor. It's this one from Amazon:

I love it and I am excited to continue buying more decor for our home.

3. My Easter Decor. That post got a lot of views for me and it seemed like you guys really liked it. I loved putting it together and can't wait to do a spring/summer one.

4. Working out. I have been really enjoying the Provo Rec center recently. Since I got a new job I now have a free pass to Provo Rec center and that facility is just so nice. I have been going to the Barre (ballet workout) class there. It's a class I can really do and don't feel stupid for doing it. Zumba I'm not coordinated enough for and always feel like I look crazy but with Barre it was something easy I could handle and it 's a good workout. I also go and watch youtube videos while walking on the treadmill. Claire loves going to child watch and it gives me a good excuse to get out of the house.

5. Last but not least is Moana. Ha ha I know Moana. But really Claire is obsessed with it. She loves it so much and I love it because I can turn it on she'll sit and watch and I can do laundry/ chores around the house. It's a win win for me. It's a cute movie. The end gets me every time when she discovers who Te Fiti really is. It's just beautiful.

What was not so awesome about March.

1. Zack worked a lot of overtime this month. The only reason why it wasn't so awesome was because that meant we had less time together as a family. I like having our weekends together and having him work Saturdays really messed that up.

2. Laundry. Ha ha I feel like I can never get caught up on it though. I am looking into better laundry systems but honestly I just need to do it.

3. Working Saturdays. see above.

4. The Weather. There were a few glorious days of awesome weather but mostly it's been a drab month. We had snow at the very beginning, then the last week it's just been a lot of rain. I know we need water so that's good I just am so excited for warm weather consistently and beach days, lagoon, parades, festivals, etc. All of that is coming up in the summer and I can't wait.

So here is what I am looking forward to in April
- St. George Trip. After a month of not going we are ready for some sun and relaxation down in St. George.
- General Conference. My favorite weekend, I am seriously so excited.
- Easter. I have our easter baskets all planned out already. Claire is going to love all the activities we do, the egg roll, the easter egg hunts etc. It will be so fun.
-Tulip Festival. We've never been but I love tulips and it will be fun to walk around with the family and see all the pretty flowers. I'm pretty sure Zack will hate it but he loves us so he'll go anyway.

How was March for you?

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