Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Easter Decor 2017

This is the first time I've really gotten into holiday decor. Having my own home to decorate makes it easier and I want to save these pieces for years to come. I am excited to decorate for the holidays and seasons in our new home. For Easter this year we went with mostly pastel colors. The color palette was peach, teal/mint, pink, white, and gold. I purchased almost all of the decor from Target, but also thrifted some pieces and went to Michael's.

Our front door is painted yellow and I kind of hate that color. I really want a red front door. I have been obsessed with red doors for the last five years or so and this summer we are painting this door. I am so excited for that. Anyway this door hanger is from Walmart and I love the look it brings right when you walk in. The speckled pastel eggs went perfect with my theme for the rest of the house.

Upon entering the house you see the entryway table and I added this cute bunny that I thrifted on top of the console. I also got the carrot's from Walmart. The rose gold planner is my on the go planner and it makes it easier to grab and go when I have it on the table.  This photo just screams spring to me.

Next thing you see is the piano. It was hard to get a really good picture of the decor here because of the big window it sits in front of. The jar on the left is from the dollar tree and the eggs inside are from Target. The tulips are from the dollar tree as well as the vase that's holding them and then the white candle is from Target. I wanted to keep it simple on top of the piano since I teach piano lessons twice a week and use the space. 

We have a few bookshelf's in the living room and this one is painted this teal blue color and it actually fit in perfect with the decor. On top of the bookshelf I have this metal bunny from Michael's. Claire loves this guy and loves pointing him out to me, "mommy look bunny". The tin tray is from Michael's as well. The egg's inside are from Target. The jar with the pink bunny lid is from Michael's and the eggs are from Target. 

Next you see our TV stand. I put this egg garland (from Target) up but my 18 month old discovered it and would carry it around so I moved it over to one of our other bookshelf's and it turned out pretty good.

Onto the Kitchen. On the dining room table I put some magazine's down and this cute egg vase from Target. I love having magazine's on the table because we like to read while eating breakfast so this gives me something fast and easy to pick up and flip through. We have the Magnolia Journal as well as some church magazines.

 Also on our kitchen counters we have this egg basket from Walmart and this mint candle from Target. This candle smells amazing and reminds of spring so much so I burn it a lot.

Well that is it for my Easter decor for this year. I like that it is simple.

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