Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day in the Life 2.27.2017

I love watching youtube videos where people film a Day in the Life. I decided I should do a blogpost on that with a picture from every hour of our day. So this is from Monday February 27. This day happened before I came down with a terrible head cold and was out for two days so it really came at a perfect time.

9:00 Wake Up.
 view from my spot in bed

 I stayed up way to late the night before and Claire didn't get to bed until 9:30 so we slept in this morning which was nice.

9:15- 9:30 Scroll through YouTube and start watching a video. Usually Monday's is full of Plan With Me Videos. It usually takes me all day to watch it because I keep pausing it to get stuff done around the house and take care of my baby but it's nice to get 20 minutes in before I get out of bed. 

 9:30 Get out of bed, wash face, get dressed and then go wake up the baby if she isn't already awake by 9:45.

She usually is awake by now but sometimes I have to get her up. I change her diaper first thing and let her run around in her room.

10:00 since the Laundry is across from her room I start a load while she is busy playing.

 10:15 Breakfast! We always have a late breakfast and lately Claire's consist of Blueberries, strawberries and a little bit of the cereal I am eating. Sometimes it's eggs.

 10:45 Breakfast is finished so we settle down for some play time. Today she wanted a show and asked for Moana (mana)

 I do like this movie! Good thing cause I watched it twice that day.

12:00 She cut her finger somehow so I put a band aid on it and she hated it. She kept trying to pull off the band aid which was funny

 12:30 After the above incident was taken care of it was time to fold laundry

 12:50 We take a look outside and it was a white out. Now all this snow has almost melted, crazy February weather.
 1:15 Put Claire down for her nap. While she is napping I get some work done upstairs in my office.

 2:30 She is up now and we finish Moana while she slowly get's her energy back.

 2:30 - 4:00 is play time and I didn't get any pictures cause I was busy playing with my girl. We sometimes do a craft but not very often. 

4:00 I start dinner. We recently signed up for Hello Fresh and I am loving it. It's nice having a quick meal (most meals are ready in 30 minutes) and having all the ingredients organized so it's easy to cook. I can also skip a meal anytime I want to which I also appreciate. Today we had the Melty Monterrey Jack burger with zucchini fries.
 4:30 Zack is home and dinner is done so we eat. I teach piano on Monday nights from 5:00 - 7:30 so we usually eat early. After dinner we had to go shovel some snow so my piano students good get to the front door.
 5:00 Claire wanted to watch Mana again so Zack cuddled her this time.

They ended up moving into his office to watch while I taught piano and that was the end of our day.
Nothing crazy but it's all real and I love our life. 


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