Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spiritual Reset

I need a spiritual reset in my life. I have gotten so mundane with how I am handling my relationship with Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. I don't mind church, I really don't. It's just I have no motivation for it. I want to change that and I have this feeling that I need to change that. I keep longing to have a really good scripture study routine, to attend the temple, to say family prayer etc. I know that these things make me feel better and be better so it's time to set a plan. After reading this post by Danika I got some good ideas and felt that making a list of things I wanted to accomplish spiritually would make me feel better. You all know I love my lists.

1. Say my prayers before bedtime. I am not going to commit to saying my prayers twice a day. I know that sounds horrible to some of you but for me it's really good to start out small. This is a small goal I can do every day. I know that saying prayers brings more peace and direction in my life and I am craving that so much.

2. Pick up the Book of Mormon and continue reading where I left off. Reading the Book of Mormon really helps strengthen and solidify my faith in Jesus Christ. It helps me learn that all humans are the same; we go through periods where we are super righteous and awesome and we also go through periods where we are a little prideful and we forget to be humble. That's okay as long as we can repent and move on. Anyway I don't want to start off at the beginning of the Book of Mormon again because, well I have read it so many times. I am just going to pick up where I left off which is in Alma somewhere. I want to sit down without distractions for 15 minutes a day, to read. I am going to have to wake up early so I can do this but it will be worth it.

3. Read the relief society lesson each week. We are currently nursery leaders so I don't get to go to relief society. Which is a bummer because it's the Gordon B. Hinckley manual this year and I love him. He was my prophet growing up and I just want to reconnect with what he taught us about the gospel. Reading the manual book will help me feel that again.

Those are my goals. Oh also our family goal of attending the temple once a month. We missed January so we are trying to get back on track. I wanted to really keep my goals simple but writing them down helps out so much with that. I am excited to get started on these goals and I hope it provides the spiritual reset I so desperately need.

Thanks for reading.

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