Monday, February 6, 2017

Shows I recommend streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

I love watching t.v. shows. I usually have one playing during the day as background music while I get things done around the house, so it wasn't a surprise when the office theme song would start playing Claire would start dancing. She's heard it so many times.
I decided I should make a list of all the shows I love to watch in case you are looking for a new show to try out.

1. The Office. Of course I have to mention this one. It's seriously my favorite. Zack loves it to so it's fun watching it together.
2. Parks and Rec. Equally as awesome as The Office. I actually never finished the series and previously had only watched through season 4. So now I am watching it over and it's amazing! Highly recommend.
3. Scandal. This is a fun one. You would really like it if you are into politics, or what it's like behind the scenes at the white house. Of course it's all made up so it's probably not anything like the show at all but it's fun to imagine it being that way. Even the rigged voting system.
4. Grays Anatomy. Scandal and Grays are actually written by the same writer which is interesting. I love Gray's. I'm only on season 5 and have paused it to watch other shows but this is a good one if you like medical stuff and hospital drama.
5. Gilmore Girls. I am currently reading Lauren Graham's book Talking as Fast as I can and it's phenomenal. One of my favorite books written by a celebrity, I'm half way through and it just makes me realize how much I really love Gilmore Girls.
6. Friends. I finished friends last year in 2016. It took me about 7 months because I watched it from the beginning and now I realize why everyone loved it so much. I love Chandler and seriously want to name a baby boy Chandler but Zack is totally against that so I don't think it will happen.

1. The Bachelor. Need I say more?
2. Agents of Shield. This is probably my favorite show that is currently airing. It's the only show Zack and I are fully caught up on and watching during real time. We love it. Marvel does such a good job with it and I love watching the character's develop. I thought it was going to be terrible after certain character's died or left the show but really it turned out to be so good.
3. Master Chef and Master Chef Jr. The only other show I watch during real time. I love this cooking show so much. I just wish I could taste the food while I watch it to. Also it's nothing like Hell's Kitchen and Gordon Ramsey is pretty nice in this show. It makes you like him.

Amazon Prime:
1. Poldark. Aidan Turner:
 You wont be disappointed if you like Downton Abbey and shows with that kind of vibe.
2. Speaking of Downton Abbey it's on Amazon Prime. I own all the seasons on DVD (got them for my birthday the last 4 years) but it's a great period drama.
3. When Calls The Heart. It's not free but the first two seasons are on Netflix and you can buy the seasons on Amazon Prime. You can probably find the seasons on You Tube or check them out from your local library as well. Claire and I are probably making a trip down to our library today to see if they have it.

Happy Streaming!

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