Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Skincare Routine

Let's talk: Skin!
This is a new series I want to do which is my "Let's talk" series. It will be on different topics that I am thinking about and the first one is on skincare.
I turn 29 on Friday! That seems so crazy to me, 29! It means I am not getting younger which I had hoped and it also means I need to start really taking care of my hygiene more then I have in the past. I've never really had a skincare routine but I am finally starting to get into the habit of taking better care of my skin night and day.
I am combination skin and I lean more toward oily especially in the summer. In the winter it's pretty standard combination skin. I sometimes am sensitive to products in the fact that they will make my skin burn or turn really red. I rarely breakout but I do tend to use brands that cater to sensitive skin to avoid that just in case.
So let's start with the products that I am currently using on my skin and how I feel about them.
1. Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power Clear Scrub. This is what I have been using to cleanse my skin. I mainly use it in the shower once a day because if I use it twice a day it dries my skin out really fast. I shower at night so I use this at night before starting the rest of my skincare. In the morning I usually just wash my face with water.
2. Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner. This toner is awesome! I had really bad acne has a teenager and into my early 20s. Now I mostly have scaring, a few breakouts when it is that time of the month but this stuff is a miracle worker. It really has helped minimize my pores and I am keeping it in my skincare regime  moving forward.
3. Aveeno Absolutely ageless Serum. A serum is meant to deliver powerful ingredients directly into your skin and applied after toner but before moisturizer. This serum is okay, I was hoping to use the drunk elephant night and day serum but I couldn't bring myself to spend $100 on skincare items so I did my research and purchased some other serums that I think will help better. This was okay but I didn't like the smell and it didn't show any overall affects on my skin.
4. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream. Love this stuff, really has helped brighten my under eye and smooth out all the fine lines.
5. Aveeno targeted tone corrector. I apply this under my eye as well which has helped with my dark circles the most. Combining this with the eye cream has really been the best for my under eye.
6. For the morning I use this cetaphil daily facial moisturizer that has SPF 15. It's lightweight enough that I don't fell all greasy after applying it. Sunscreen is so important to have in your skincare routine, especially in the winter. I know so many people think it's okay not wear it because the sun isn't shining but you can still get sun damage through cloud cover. The best thing for your face is to wear Sunscreen everyday.
7. At night I use the Cetaphil moisturizing cream. This really makes my skin feel soft, smooth, and hydrated all night long.

I purchased a few new products today and hope they are better for my overall skin quality. These products did okay but they weren't my favorite. So here are the new products I am using:
1. Boots no7 lift and luminate triple action serum:
2. Boots no 7 lift and luminate night serum and day serum:
3. Boots no 7 lift and luminate night cream and day cream:

4. Boots no 7 lift and luminate eye cream:

I got all of these products at ULTA so check them out there.

I am excited to continue building my skin care routine and now that I am getting older I hope these products help my skin maintain it's youthful look.

Thanks for reading!

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