Friday, January 6, 2017

Resolutions 2017

Another resolutions post! I know everyone is probably sick of these but I feel it's such a good time to reflect on the past year and see how I can improve. I just read my list of 2016 resolutions and feel that we did pretty good on that list. One of the major ones we did was purchase a home and I am glad that happened cause right now interest rates have jumped up a lot compared to what we got when we closed. I did pretty good with the blog goals I had until about October as well as the reading three books a month goal. I actually only missed one month of that and felt that I branched out a little in regards to books I read this last year. After looking back on my goals I decided to do the same categories I had before only make the goals in each one a little smaller and more manageable.

Spiritual Goals:
-Have family scripture study and family prayer every night before Claire goes to bed. We did okay this week but we need to really get in the habit of doing this.
-Attend the temple once a month. This is a goal Zack came up with and I think it's perfect and something I really need to do.

Personal Goals:
-Workout at least 30 minutes every 3 days. I can do this! Today I shoveled snow so I am counting that as a workout.
-Write in journal more. I love looking back on old journal entries and really want to write in my journal more. My best friend writes in hers every day and I just think she probably has some really good stuff in those books. Stuff her kids will want to read in the future when they are going through similar trials. So I may not write everyday but I just want to write more.

Financial Goals:
-save money for a cruise this summer
-budget for the end of the year expenses better (we have car registration, property taxes, Christmas, and a bunch of other things all due at the end of the year now so we definitely need to plan ahead).

That's it. I know they aren't much but I don't want to overwhelm myself with a bunch of things to do throughout the year. I've learned it's easier to accomplish a small list of tasks then one that is so long.

I hope to continue teaching piano lessons this year, keep up my youtube channel and maybe get started on that book that I want to write. All in due time and I am in no rush, just when I find myself "bored" or in a rut I can come back to this post for things I can do.

What are your new years resolutions?

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