Monday, January 9, 2017

Mommy Favorites 16 Month Old

I am wanting to do these types of posts every two months or so. I feel like Claire doesn't change enough month to month now but these posts are really fun for me to put together to show case all her favorite things and what we have been really loving. The last time I did a mommy favorite posts was her 13 month one so it's definitely time.

1. We found a new brand of clothing that we absolutely love and its the Cat & Jack brand at Target. It's easier to dress Claire in shirts and pants these days then a onesie and this brand has the cutest clothes for $5.00. It's great so make sure and check it out at Target.
2. Baby Moccasins. I really wanted to get some freshly picked moccasins but I can't afford them. Probably would never be able to afford them so I found this alternative instead and we have loved them so much. They hold up really well, in fact this gold pair we purchased back in September and she wears them almost every day and you can barely tell. They stay on her feet and look so cute in outfits.
3. Fawn Design Diaper Bag. I got this for Christmas and I have loved it. I am thinking of doing an updated what's in my diaper bag post since things have changed now that Claire is older.  I got this bag on sale, they were having a discount before Christmas so make sure and follow them on Instagram if you want to watch out for the deals they offer.
4. Sofia the First has been a favorite show of Claire's for a while. I like it cause it teaches good concepts and is really cute and fun.
5. We jumped on the Frozen train and can't get off. Claire loves it which I don't mind cause the music makes it interesting. She dances to Let it Go and it's so cute.
6. She was so spoiled for Christmas and got this little people play set. She loves it cause of course it has Minnie and Mickey.
7. She also got the camper one and it's cute cause she will pack up the camper and take it all over the house. This set comes with a dog which she carries around with her everywhere.
8. One favorite for me that I have loved is our car seat. So I drive a 2007 Toyota Corolla and it has a small back seat. Finding a convertible car seat was tough but this one fits and I love the style of it. Claire is still rear facing and I'll keep her rear facing until she's two. Check out this car seat if you have a small back seat like I do.

Well that's it for our favorites this time around. Have anything I should look into?
Thanks for reading.


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