Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for her $25 - $50

I got this idea from the amazing Jennifer Ross over at Pretty Neat Living. She does a holiday gift guide every year and I thought this would be fun to do on my own blog. Hope she doesn't mind that
I am piggy backing off her idea. Please go check out her site here to find her reviews and gift guides as well.

Today we are doing the category of gifts ranging in price from $25 - $50.
For Her:
 1. Sonix phone charger.  Retails for $45.

This is the perfect gift, especially for someone who uses their phone a lot. I have found that I needed a portable phone charger more often now. I use my phone constantly, for pictures, for social media, for internet research, for how tos, etc. I mean we all use our phone on a daily basis so a portable charger is a great gift for someone who may need that extra battery life but doesn't have access to an outlet.

2. Plaid Boucle Square Blanket Scarf. Retails for $35.10

I love scarf's. This one is perfect for winter. I especially love the colors as it reminds of Christmas. I haven't actually seen it in person but I think this is the perfect plaid scarf to have on hand. It's also on sale so that's a great bonus.

3. Target Tote Bag. Retails for $29.99

I want this bag! It's the perfect bag for a carry on for flights, or for a long day outing like to the zoo. It's also a great diaper bag. I am always looking for a bag with lots of pockets. I don't carry around as much stuff as I used to but this would be a great every day bag to have.

4. Skull candy Headphones. Retails for $29.99
Headphones! My husband loves this brand so when I came across these in this gorgeous coral color I knew I had to include them on this list. These headphones are known for being noise cancelling so the surrounding noise around you isn't distracting you from your task. These would be great for someone who spends a lot of time on the computer. I would use these daily and am hoping my husband sees this list and gets the HINT that I love these. (Will it work?)

5. Erin Condren Life Planner. Retails for $55.00 Use this link here to sign up and receive $10.00 off your first order making it $45.00 (plus shipping).

This is my planner I currently use. Check out my planner Instagram here. I love this planner. A planner is a great gift for someone as they start the new year, it's a way to map out your life so your goals can be accomplished. Planning helps with my anxiety and I am so grateful I have found the planning community. It's fun to share spreads with each other in Facebook groups and to gain inspiration for your planner from others. If you know someone who would love a planner this is a thoughtful gift that they will love for the entire year.

6. Two Faced Grand Hotel Cafe Holiday Gift Set. Retails for $49.00
Look how cute this set is. This is for all the makeup lovers out there, this gift is perfect because it's already in cute packaging. Just put it under the tree and you are good to go. I love the color scheme of the different palettes and feel that I would use all the different shadows. For someone who loves makeup this gives them a variety of blushes, a mascara, and eye shadows. It's a great collector's item as well.

Well I hope this was helpful for you. I will be doing another post this week on gifts for him in the $25 - $50 category and I will be doing two more posts of gifts in the $50 + category. I have a lot of great ideas for those gifts. Now to link this post to my husband's facebook so he sees what I want.



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