Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why I blog

You may know that some bloggers make a lot of money, anywhere from $500.00 -$1500.00 a month. Sometimes more. I make $0.00 a month on this blog and that is the honest truth. I started blogging as a way to share what I love most with all of you. It's my go to place to share ideas, tips and tricks, organizing, life hacks, mommy content, etc. My blog got a lot of traction when I created this post on how to organize your school binder. Most of those readers didn't stick around though and that's okay. If I was blogging for readers then it would be a different story. My content would probably be crap, and I wouldn't be as motivated to keep up with it.
Right now my blog is a great journal for our life. I can look back later on and see what we were doing, where my interests were, and how Claire was progressing. I blogged Claire's birth story so that I could always have that written down. In my personal journal I wrote more about what that first week was like of being a new mom. I want to keep up in my personal journal but sometimes it's hard. I mean I sit on Youtube at night before bed instead of writing down what we did during the day. I should change that. One of my best friends from high school writes in her journal every single day. She has done that for years, as long as I have known her so at least 15. What an awesome thing to do. I don't know if every journal entry of hers is super long or some are short but she is consistent and that is what I want to do.
This blog is a supplement of my personal journal. I share stuff on here that I am comfortable with the world knowing about. Some people wouldn't be comfortable sharing a birth story on the internet but I love reading about them so I wanted to share mine. Since my personal journal is so sparatic right now this is a nice way to keep a rough timeline of our life.
I hardly ever start anything just to make money off of it. Even my etsy shop. Making money from that will be cool but I do it because I honestly love the stickers I am creating and I want to share them with all of you. Maybe one day I'll make money from everything but that wont happen anytime soon. For now it's just a way to share, remember, and be creative.
Thank you so much to those of you who keep coming back and reading. I really appreciate it.

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