Friday, April 15, 2016

Taking a break from Facebook!

I have been so addicted to Facebook lately it's been a little insane. I can waist an entire hour or two just browsing through my feed when I could be doing more productive things with my time. Today some "drama" happened on Facebook. Mostly it involved me trying to give someone advice but them reading it the wrong way. I decided then that I was spending so much time and energy into this that it was feeding my depression and anxiety. I say it's feeding them because I would constantly compare myself to others that are posting, and when my posts are misread it makes me anxious wondering what other people are thinking about me.
Basically the post I didn't want being misread today involved me being a mom and I thought people would think I was a terrible one if I left it up so I deleted it. Why do we do this to ourselves?
I finally said enough is enough and deleted the Facebook app off my phone and cleared my website data and history so I would be forced to log in to the site making me second guess if I really want to waist time browsing. So far it's been helping and I feel better about myself already.
I haven't compared my life to anyone else in the last 4 hours, I've enjoyed browsing Instagram and seeing everyone's cute faces and family. I've enjoyed time with my family including my husband who is finally home from his work trip this week, and I've especially enjoyed some me time since the baby went to bed a little earlier then normal. It has been really good for me. I am going to keep it up for at least a week and see how I feel then. If I still feel this good then Facebook isn't for me and I'll keep up this new habit.

In the meantime Claire now has 2 teeth! It's crazy she isn't even 8 months old yet and already has a 2 teeth. We are starting her on finger foods so that has been fun watching her try and figure out how to feed herself. She has been sleeping a lot lately and I think it's because her second tooth is coming in right now. She isn't as fussy as she was with her first tooth but still is just a little. I have been designing a lot of stickers for my etsy shop and I have been really enjoying that. I am excited for a relaxing weekend coming up and will hit the gym early tomorrow so I can have a lot of free time the rest of the day. I purchased this book today from Amazon:

It seems like something right up my ally and hopefully can give me even more tips to combat my mental issues. I will definitely post a review about it here on the blog. Hopefully for my books I read in April post.
Thanks for reading

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