Monday, April 18, 2016

Running out of things to write about

I've done a pretty good job of keeping up with blogging every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this year. There have been a few exceptions where I missed a few weeks but I have been really impressed with myself. I love writing so it's sometimes easy for me to sit down and write. However lately I've hit major blocks in topics to come up with for this blog. Sometimes I feel like it is so random the direction I am taking it and other times I feel like it has some structure.
When I get in a blogging rut I like to do a few things to find topics to write about.
-browse other blogs to read. Some of my favorites:,,,, While I am browsing these blogs I usually come up with a list of topics I can write about. Today Danica updated her about me section and shared it as her blog post and I thought wow, my about me section is so outdated to. Maybe I should update mine. So look forward to that post soon, (thanks Danica). It's easier to find posts to write about when other people have already written their opinions and you can just follow up on that topic.
-watch youtube videos. I am a youtube addict. I kind of love it and hate it. Some people make sponsored videos, meaning they get a product for free in order to create a video about it and I feel like you can always tell those videos vs. their genuine ones. Generally I love youtube and get tons of ideas from all the channels I follow (mostly planner related content).
-stay off social media for a while. I know I mentioned on Friday that I was staying off Facebook and I have. It's been great, I have played with my baby more, read 8 chapters in my book yesterday, cleaned the house, got things done. Anyway I feel like by staying off social media I find more things I want to write about because I observe the world around me more closely. I watch peoples reactions instead of reading about them and that gives me lots of ideas on things to talk about.
-twitter. Twitter is full of great prompts for blogs, I mean really just follow the trending hashtags for a day and you'll come up with something.
-blast from the past. I love looking through old photos of myself, or old facebook posts. It's fun seeing how far I've come. I feel like all the lessons I have learned are great topics for posts, and maybe it will help someone else out. I also read my personal journal sometimes to, for this reason. Even though I haven't been dedicated in keeping up with it I still find some gems in that thing.

Well there are some ideas and from writing this post I have an entire new list of posts for the next few weeks:
-updated about me section (desperately needed)
-on marrying a redhead (i.e., 4 year wedding anniversary)
-when are we having our next baby (yes we are already talking about it)
-April favorites (I have a lot!)
-Favorite Makeup brushes
-Current Makeup routine
-Vacation recap post
-Claire's 8 months! (Stop! What?)
-picture overload
-youtube channel (what I have one of these?)
-how to make your own stickers checklists (finally getting around to continuing this series)
-Hair dilemma

There you have it some ideas for future posts. And some pictures of Claire cause, well why not!
I am excited!

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