Friday, April 29, 2016

Pan that Palette Challenge: Two Faced Chocolate Bar

I decided to try doing a pan that palette challenge this year! Pan that Palette was a challenge started by a YouTuber named Amber F. She started with the original Urban Decay Naked Palette and finished the entire palette completely. Basically used up the shadows in that palette in one year. I got inspired by her videos and just kept watching them. Last year she did the Lorac Pro palette and this year she is doing the Stila in the Light palette. Next year she is doing the Chocolate Bar. After watching I decided I should really try to move some shadows out of my makeup collection and especially move a palette out. I have never hit pan on an eye shadow before. I have on blush, bronzer, and face powders but never eye shadow.
My chocolate bar palette is broken, well the case is. That is why I chose to pan this palette. I am sick of the broken case and everything so it's annoying. Anyway here is what my palette looked like when I really started this in March.

As you can see it looks hardly used. That shade in the second row two from the left has a dent in it but other then that nothing else.
What I have been doing since March is using the palette at least 5 days a week. This gives me two days a week to either not wear makeup or wear other shadows. Lately it's been not wearing makeup.
So far I have met my goal of wearing this 5 days a week and here is my progress now.

You can see my case is definitely broken. Anyway now I have a dent in that third shadow on the top row, a dent in that large cream shadow in the top row. On the second row  you can see that I have used the first three shades and the dent has grown larger in that second shadow, and I used the last shade in that row a lot as well. Definitely no where near where I want to be but its getting there.
I am excited to continue using this palette and to update you guys on the progress.


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