Monday, April 4, 2016

On having a C-Section Part 2

If you need to catch up read part 1 here.

This post is going to be all about recovery, since that really is the hardest part about a c-section.
After a c-section you stay in the hospital about 4-5 days for recovery. We stayed 4 and I was so ready to go home, I knew I would just sleep better in my own bed and I wouldn't wake up to every baby who was crying in the hospital. I loved the nurses who cared for me but I just wanted to be home. By day 4 I was walking around the hospital completely normal. I couldn't run or walk up stairs but I could walk. I could get up by myself if I needed to, it was a lot of work and took longer than normal but I was still able to. I still couldn't sit up in bed, I wasn't able to do that for about 3 weeks. In order to get out of bed I had to roll over on my side, throw my legs over the edge and then get up that way, it was a process but anything else hurt my incision too much. Basically when I was ready to go home I could take care of my basic needs by myself again and I had my husband home for a little while so he could help me with other things like showering. Seriously a major surgery like this makes you so grateful for those in your life who help you with basic human functions.

So for your at home recovery here are my tips:
1. Don't drop anything cause you wont be able to pick it up. Seriously ha ha, Zack almost got me one of those trash picker-uppers you can buy at the store cause I couldn't bend over for the life of me. I never put Claire on the floor, just in her bassinet which I could get to because I didn't have to bend all the way down. So really if you drop something, you'll just have to wait to get it.

2. Sneezing, Laughing, Coughing, will hurt really bad for a couple of weeks at least. Those actions require the muscles that were cut into to be working and trust me it's painful. Use a pillow to help.

3. When you are headed out of the hospital make sure and grab a few things. The hospital disposable underwear (I wore for a week and a half after having Claire, it was just easier and didn't cause any pain/pressure on my incision), disposable pads, cleaning supplies, all the extra baby stuff they give you etc. Really take what you can but especially the underwear. It's helpful for recovery.

4. Your back will hurt for about 6 weeks. My back hurt so bad, I remember at Claire's 2 week check up and my six week checkup asking the doctor and he said oh yes that is very common. It will go away but make sure and stay moving to keep up on it.

5. Speaking of pain. Make sure and get your pain meds from the pharmacy, I had Zack go and grab them after the baby and I were home and settled. I took them for about 5 weeks and it helped so much. The other thing that was the biggest lifesaver was having an ice pack. I used the ice pack at the hospital every day and I loved having one at home. Zack just got one from Walmart for me and it was the best thing. I used it every night for 2 weeks until the incision stopped really hurting.

6. Bowel Movements. This may be a little TMI so sorry, but anyway you get blocked up from having your insides cut open so when you have your first one it's really painful. But very very good for your body, after that it gets better and better but that first time hurt. You most likely will be prescribed a laxative so make sure and take it every day until you do have a bowel movement, it will help when you finally do so it isn't so painful.

7. At home rest a lot and don't worry about the dishes. I over did when I got home. Mentally I felt fine but physically I needed more rest, my incision split open 14 days after surgery (about 3 before our 2 week check up) and I ended up back at the hospital for stitches. I think I would have been fine if I wasn't doing so much. I was doing dishes, laundry, normal household chores but really my body needed more rest. I am one of those people that has a hard time letting people in to do those types of things if they offer but next time I am going to accept the help so make sure you do to.

8. Keep your incision dry. This one is important, there is a little overhang for your incision, even on skinny people. After you shower you need to make sure and pat it dry with a towel each time for 6 weeks to make sure that it isn't getting infected or causing moisture to build up. That makes it itch and you don't want to bother it to much until it's completely healed.

9. Go on walks. I went on a walk with Claire at least every other day (I still do), that is how I ended up loosing all my baby weight but also really helped me heal pretty quickly. It helps with the back pain, and it helps your muscles get stronger.

Well that is all I have for c-section recovery. The best part of it all is the precious gift you get at the end of all your hard work.


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