Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On being married

Today I woke up to a text on my phone, from my husband. It said "Happy Anniversary Babe", and it made me smile. This doesn't happen very much but when it does I love it. Zack isn't much of a romantic guy but I've learned to live with that. So a post on being married was in order. Today is our 4 year anniversary! I've spent 4 years pushing Zack over to his "side" of the bed because I need my space, 4 years of him kissing my cheek or forehead every morning before he leaves for work, 4 years picking up his shoes he leaves in the living room entrance because no matter how many times I tell him to move them he still leaves them there. 4 years begging him to take a selfie with me so I can post it on Instagram. 4 years asking him to approve if I look okay. 3 years of trying to have a baby and finally we were successful. 4 years of asking him if I can get a dog. 4 years of Sunday dinners with our families. 4 years of cuddles and kissing. 4 years of him sitting through countless episodes of The Office with me. 4 years of riding shot gun in the car while he drives and I get to hold his hand. 4 years of vacations, camping trips, and weekend getaways we get to spend together. 4 years of happiness.
Thanks babe for the best 4 years so far!

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