Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Favorite Affordable Makeup Brushes

A makeup post! Finally. The last one I did was my current makeup routine/favorites back in February. It's been long over due. This post is all about makeup brushes. When I first started getting really into makeup I had no idea what to do with brushes and where to start. I obviously didn't want to go out and spend $100s on makeup brushes and get the wrong thing. I ended up turning to YouTube a lot and eventually fell down the bunny hole, so to speak, into the world of beauty. I've loved everything about it so far.
These brushes come highly recommended by me and my favorite beauty gurus. Also please forgive me that they are dirty, I did do my makeup this morning.

Let's start with face brushes.
First my favorite foundation brush ever is the Morphe M439 brush. It's just so good. I bought it based off a recommendation from Jaclyn Hill and I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved this brush. I am going to buy a second one soon because it's just that good.  This brush retails for $13.99

Next is my powder brush I use to set my foundation. It's the Real Techniques Powder Brush and retails for $9.99. I love it because it's so big and makes applying powder go by so quickly.

Next is the brush I use for concealer. I know this is kind of a random brush to use for concealer but it works for me. That is the beauty of makeup you can really do anything you want to do, although a brush may be created for a certain purpose you can use it how you want to. This brush is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and retails for $8.99. This is great for foundation as well if you are looking.

Next is my favorite blush brush. This is also another recommendation from Jaclyn Hill and I love it for blush. It's really got the perfect shape for it. It's the Morphe E4 brush and seriously feels so soft. It retails for $13.99.

Now moving onto Eyes. For eyebrows I fill mine in everyday with the angled brush from Real Techniques. This one actually came in the eye starter kit which I recommend getting. The kit retails for $17.99 and includes this brush as well as three others. 

For my lid shadow I have been loving this one from twin beauty which I believe is a brand that The Balm works with. I just remember I purchased two eye shadow palettes from the Balm and this brush was included with my purchase.  If you don't want to purchase that palette you can also get the E.L.F. eyeshadow C brush which I also like for applying eye shadow to the lid area. The E.L.F. brush retails for $3.00.

For the crease I have been loving the Sonia Kashuk #109 brush.  Seriously my favorite, favorite, favorite ever! I have three of these because it's that good. Best part is that the brush is only $3.99. I love it. Sonia Kashuk is a brand you can find at Target.

For the outer lid area and into the crease I love use this brush from coastal scents. It's the Pro Blending Fluff brush and I've heard it compares to the MAC 217 brush. Anyway, this brush retails for $4.95 but Coastal Scents is always doing sales so make sure and check their site for coupons/sales before purchasing. 

Last my favorite brush for the browbone/inner corner highlighting. It's this brush from E.L.F. and it's $1.00. $1.00!!! You can't beat that at all. I love it. 

So there you have it! The most expensive brush on this list is $13.99 and I think that is a great price. I probably will never own a MAC brush in my life cause I can't justify spending $25.00 or more on a brush when I can get great results from products that are cheaper. Hope you found this helpful.

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