Sunday, April 10, 2016

How To Get the Most Out of General Conference After it is Over.

Conference flew by. When I was younger it seemed to last forever, probably because I had little to no attention span. When I was a missionary it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I soaked conference up as a missionary, I felt inspired and energized to share the gospel more. Now as a mom, it was mostly background noise while I played with my little girl. I hate to admit that because I was looking forward to getting spiritually fed. Nothing really wowed me from conference this time around. But it doesn't mean that I can't get anything out of it. The great thing about conference is that the next day the talks are all available to watch if you missed any. I missed Elder Holland's talk, I know a shame so I re-watched it then. I watched it during Claire's nap time and took notes and really just listened to the spirit. I was motivated to do better after that.

1. Continue listening to talks before the printed magazine comes out. Just like I did with Elder Holland's talk I am continuing to do so because I can play one talk at a time, during nap time or bed time for Claire so that way I can really focus on what was being said and take notes. This comes before the printed magazine comes out in May and I will try and get through as many talks as I can before then. Listening is different then reading and although it's easy to get distracted while listening it's also easier to really pay attention to the spirit.
2. Continue seeking for answers to your questions. Re-read your notes, sometimes the answer has already been given to you but you didn't know that in the moment. If you didn't find your answer while re-reading your notes take new ones. While listening to the talks again during quiet one on one time write new notes about what you are experiencing. Showing effort will get you an answer.
3. Mark up the printed version when it comes out. I love having a printed copy of the General Conference issue. When I didn't order a subscription I would just go to Deseret book and pick one up for myself. Now I have a subscription and love when it comes in the mail. I mark it up. I grab a highlighter for the first time reading through and start marking, the second time reading through I grab a different color, and do this for the rest of the time I read it. Sometimes a passage ends up getting highlighted with all the colors, then I know it's something I should really be paying attention to. Sometimes I 'll make a note next to the highlighted color about the time of life I am going through. For example if I use blue first I could say something like Claire is 7 months going on 8, Zack's traveling a lot, etc. Just so I have a reference as to why a certain passage would have affected me while reading with that colored highlighter. I write notes in the margins with Pen if I don't have a notebook by me.  Basically at the end of six months my ensign is pretty worn and tattered but I have devoured the word and gained strength by it.
4. Start new daily habits that lead you to your spiritual goals. After conference is over I always have things I want to do and work on. Right now my main one is prayer. I have said this before but I have been slacking in prayers, mostly from being lazy. I have been so much better lately and it is slowly becoming a habit. I don't tell myself I am going to say my prayers for 6 weeks morning and night cause I know I would probably fail at that goal. I do tell myself tomorrow I am going to wake up and say my morning prayers, and it works. Then when it comes to getting ready for bed I say I am going to take a few minutes out of my routine and say an evening prayer and that works. I just break it down to really easy simple goals that I can manage and turn into daily habits. Daily habits are what really lets you accomplish the big goals in the end.
5. You will need conference again. Trials are just a part of life. You will go through new challenges and trials after this conference is broadcasted and before the next one. During these times is when conference will become important to you again. Make sure and use it to your advantage. Christ is there for us and He has given us Prophets and Apostles to help us during our tough moments. These talks are inspired and will help when we need them to.
6. Continue sharing the gospel. Even though it's not #LDSCONF anymore continue to share about the church. I try to on the blog every Friday do a post about the gospel (this one is a little late), that is my simple way of sharing the gospel more. I hope you find someway to do that to.

What are you doing to get the most out of conference?

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