Thursday, March 17, 2016

Zack's Job Update #2

I did an update post on his job a long time ago but thought I would continue with that and write about the temples he has been to since then. Just so you know what he does... I don't really know what he does at his job :) except that it has something to do with fiber and internet cables, and going into roofs and being in man holes inside walls... Sounds interesting. For his job he gets the opportunity to work on temples for the LDS church. (Find more about Temples HERE). In order to go inside a dedicated temple and work like Zack does you have to  hold a temple recommend. Not all of the people at Zack's work are LDS so it provides him with a lot of opportunity to go to many different temples.
We left off with the last temple which was the Denver Colorado temple.
Since then these are the temples he has been to:

 Kona, Hawaii Temple

 Bern, Switzerland Temple

Apia, Samoa Temple

So it's not much of an update like last time but he has been out of country to some pretty cool places. 
He is going to Manti in 3 weeks. 

Manti is only 2.5 hours away from us so I am going to take Claire down there a few times while he working. 


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