Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's in my diaper bag

 I have been waiting to do this post forever. I love my diaper bag that I got for Christmas so I can't wait to share. I wanted something more hands free now that Claire is getting older and a back pack was the way to go. I could have just gone to Target and gotten a cute backpack but I decided to splurge for Christmas and get something a little fancier. Little Unicorn came out with new diaper bags for 2016 and I have been eyeing them for a while. The Marindale Backpack was the way to go. I love Little Unicorn baby products and I am actually going to do an entire post on their products later on.

I got the color grey in case you are wondering.

1. Strap and stroller hooks. The bag comes with a strap so you can turn it into a cross body if you want, which is super handy. It also comes with these cute stroller hooks so you can hook the bag while you are on the go.
2. Diapers and wipes. Claire is in size 3 diapers now and we are using the kirkland wipes from Costco.
3. Formula dispenser. Zack found this at the grocery store and its perfect for quick day trips and on the go. You scoop the amount of formula you need into each slot (there are 4) and then just make sure to remember to pack bottled water. So easy and convenient.
4. Toys. Claire is at the stage in life where she is grabbing for everything you are holding. It's nice to have her occupied with her own toy so you can focus on what is in front of you like food, etc.
5. Burp Cloth. She is almost over spitting up, definitely isn't doing it as much as when she was new born but it's nice to have one on hand. Especially because she drools a ton as well so it's handy to clean up her face. Also she is teething and loves chewing on the burp cloth.
6. Binkies. Claire only uses a binky when she is sleeping, which is nice, but if she takes a nap out and about she needs one so we just keep it in there in case.
7. Nail clippers and nail file. You never know when you will have extra time to do some maintenance on baby hands. I hate clipping her nails by the way, worst thing I have to do.
8. Wallet, pen, lip gloss, chapstick, mints and my glasses. All of my essential things I use often. The Lip gloss is buxom in white russian just a classic color I can wear with anything, my glasses to use when I am driving, and all the others are basic things that I often need while I am out and about.
9. Diaper changing pad. The bag comes with it's own diaper changing pad and I love that. It's so nice when changing her on the go.

*not pictured Baby Aquaphor. Claire gets really chapped cheeks so I use that on her almost daily so it's essential to have in the bag, which is why it isn't pictured because it was in her nursery since we use it all the time.

Well there you have it, what's in your diaper bag?

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