Friday, March 18, 2016

Preparing for General Conference April 2016

The April session of General Conference for the LDS church is in 2 weeks! I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday it was October Conference. I always like to do a little preparing for general conference before hand so I thought I would write about what I am doing now to prepare for that awesome weekend.

1. Make new spiritual goals.
This time of year I always start to slack off on my New Year's resolutions. I find it a good time to reflect on those and make new goals to improve. One thing I am really lacking in right now is saying my personal prayers. Not just saying them but making them more meaningful. My goal for the next two weeks is simple and that is to say my prayers before bedtime. I know we are supposed to do it twice a day but I have to start small. I am going to really focus on them before conference. I know this will help answer questions I have for our family.
2. Share about it on Social Media. I think the internet is a great thing and I want to use it more for sharing goodness. I love the hashtag #LDSconf during that week and love following it on twitter. I want to share it more on Facebook as well as other accounts so people can tune in if they want to know more about our church.
3. Think of personal questions that I need guidance on and write them down. I want to receive more guidance and direction for my own personal life and conference is a great place to do that. Sometimes I feel like an apostle or church leader is speaking directly to me during their talk. I have a lot of things that I need help with, currently it is my new identity as being a stay at home mom. This has been a hard transition for me and I want to make the most of it.
4. Think of questions as a family that we can receive guidance on. Zack and I are still in a time in our life where big things happen frequently. All of our friends and family are buying houses, settling into careers, etc. We have some things we are thinking about and just want to make sure that those decisions are right for our family. Although at conference we probably wont get a direct answer, we can receive peace and understanding to help us.
5. Teach Claire about the Prophet and Apostles.
 I want to make her this flip book it has all the pictures of the prophets on 4 x 6 cards and you can put it into a photo album. The lady who created it also has the newly called apostles so you can print those off to. I want her to start learning who the Prophet is, why he is important and who is Apostles are.  Even though she is so little I think she can still understand what we are teaching her and it is important to teach her who she is at a young age and conference can help with that.
6. Last but not least I want to read the Book of Mormon every day. I was doing really good at reading except last week and I got out of the habit. I want to get back in because I know by reading it that I can find peace. The Book of Mormon brings a special spirit into our home and helps me be less grumpy and irritable with those around me.

Those are my ways I am prepping for this conference coming up. I would love to read what you do so link your post below if you have one.

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