Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March monthly/ weekly spreads

I know I just did the February version of this post on Monday but the end of March is tomorrow so I thought it was only fitting that I do the weekly spreads of March now so I don't have to do it at the end of April. March was really the month that I got started with creating my own stickers for my planner and really getting into all of that. Even though my days are usually always the same thing I do like that I can look back and see my weeks. It's like a journal/scrapbook/planner all in one cause I can keep it for years. I have a bunch of Polaroid zip photos printed out on my makeup vanity I just need to add into the spreads to make it more like a memory keeper now that the weeks are over.

 The monthly view! I love how I have the system for my monthly view now, it really is a general overview of big events. Lots of travel dates and school for my husband but it's easier to keep track of his schedule here then on the weekly ones. I refer to this quite often when I need to check on things and make appointments.

 Okay so this week I started making my own stickers. I found this digital paper kit on etsy for $3.00 and made it using the silhouette program which is free. Anyway I printed it on glossy paper but forgot to choose photo paper as my paper settings when printing and the black ink smeared everywhere. Lesson learned and now all my own stickers look awesome! I do love these colors of this spread though, they are so cute.

 This week I tried just using a stencil and that was it. I like the simple look but really missed my stickers. It helped me realize that I do like the no white space planning.

 My first sticker kit success! I made these stickers all on my own, again from a digital paper set off etsy. You can get them for really cheap and by this time I purchased a silhouette portrait machine so I can kiss cut them as well.

And my Easter spread. Loved the pastel colors for this week and how it all came together.

Thanks for reading. Friday's post is what books I read in March so make sure to check in then.

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