Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to make your own erin condren weekly sticker kit: Full Boxes

So I know I said I would have this post up yesterday so sorry its late, but you know it's a little busy around here. Anyway, I decided to split this post up into different parts because if I taught you how to do a kit all at once this post would be forever long and I would go crazy making it so splitting it up is much easier. Let's get into it.

Step 1: Find designs you want to use and download them. I have found that etsy sellers like Elle Fowler from The Glam Planner and Andrea from Scribble Prints Co, use designs they find on etsy or other online sites to make their kits. These designs can be found by typing in digital paper in the search engine. I am using etsy for this example, which is what I would recommend. Digital paper is used a lot with online scrapbooking, etc. For this spring preppy kit you can find the design here at Lilly Bimble. Depending on what type of designs you want your kit to incorporate you can specify in the search engine and just add digital paper at the end. If you want a nautical theme type in nautical digital paper and you will see that this list comes up:

 You can specify it even further with specific colors you want, etc.
Step 1a: Once you find the design you are going to use for your kit make sure and purchase it and download the design. (FYI: if you are going to download digital designs for your own commercial use- meaning you are going to sell stickers on etsy,etc- then make sure you read the shop policies about commercial use. You may have to purchase a commercial license in order to sell their designs.)

Step 2: You will need a place to design your stickers in, you can use Microsoft publisher, adobe photo shop or Illustrator, or the silhouette studio software. I am using the silhouette studio software as it is free, and I have a silhouette portrait which is a sticker cutting machine so I can go ahead and cut my own stickers at home. I highly recommend the silhouette software, but it doesn't save the page in pdf or jpeg so if you want to share the page you created with others then use adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Step 3: Open your design studio and we will start with full boxes!
First you will want to change your page settings to say 8.5 x 11 for a normal sheet of printer paper.

Then you will find the draw rectangle box and draw a rectangle on the paper:

Once you have your rectangle on the left you are going to click the mouse sign again so you can work with the rectangle, otherwise you'll just draw another rectangle on the page. Once you click the mouse you will click on the rectangle.  Then in the upper boxes you will click on the window that says scale.
In this scale window you are going to uncheck the lock aspect button, and for the width say 1.5 in and for the height say 1.9 inches. That makes it the perfect size for the erin condren boxes.  
Next you are going to fill the box with the pattern you chose. In order to fill the box you click on the rectangle, and then drag the pattern over the rectangle and release your mouse. 

To make this easier I have my window minimized so I can see the patterns and make sure I have the rectangle clicked. This is very important. Once you release your mouse the pattern will fill the box.

 Now you may want to change the scale of the pattern and make it bigger, to do this over on the top of the screen there is a box that is labeled fill pattern. Click on that box and then click on advanced options. Scroll down to wear it says scale pattern.

 Here you can adjust the pattern to what ever number you want to make it bigger or smaller. I like it bigger because it looks more fun in my opinion.
Next you will need to get rid of the line color. To do this in the upper boxes there is a box that will say line color. Click on that box.
 Once there you will click on no color, or white so that way it disappears into the background.
Repeat all the steps for however many full boxes you would like.

That's it for full boxes, sometime I will post about full box checklists and half boxes, weekend banners and bottom "washi".
Thanks for reading


  1. Are you ever going to continue with your how to on weekly kits?

    1. Yes! I certainly want to continue with this series. I think next I will show how to make the heart checklist full boxes sometime this week. Thank you for the reminder!