Friday, March 11, 2016

Face to Face for Young Single Adults with Elder Holland

This past week the church put on a Q&A with one of the twelve apostles so that young single adults (18-31) could have a chance to answer questions and Elder Holland would answer. He was also joined by Sister Carole M. Stephens first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency and Elder Donald L Hallstrom of the seventy.  Even though I don't fit into the young single adult category I still watched it because I love Elder Holland and the advice and wisdom he gives members.
I loved some of the advice he gave. The first question was about marriage and what principles they had in their marriage that helped them to have a happy one. In response he said don't hang back on a good thing. I loved this quote!
Too often I find in my life that I do hang back on a good thing, waiting for children, waiting for marriage, waiting for the next opportunity, waiting for money etc. Whatever it was I was always waiting for the next thing. With children after we had our first miscarriage I knew that we couldn't wait anymore to try and have a baby and so we worked at it, two miscarriages later and I finally got pregnant. If we had waited I don't know how much longer it would have taken us to get our beautiful Claire. He also said that Love is what you go through together and I totally believe that. I love Zack more now than I did the day I married him, and I know in 45 years I'll be saying the same thing.
Other advice on having a happy marriage:
Build it upon a spiritual foundation
Trust each other
You have to work at marriage, but anything good in life comes from work.
I really could go on and on about what they talked about but I really wanted to talk about the marriage advice that was given because it was so good.
I loved all the topics they hit on in this Q&A. If you are interested in learning more about what an apostle of the Lord has to say about our day and age go here to watch the video


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