Monday, March 21, 2016

Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom with a 7 Month Old

I love reading about other peoples schedules and what they do during the day. I find it helpful to see what other people do because sometimes it can get really boring. I am a stay at home mom and I love it. I don't regret my choice one minute and I am so grateful to my wonderful husband for making it possible. He works so hard for our family and I am truly so blessed to have him. Claire wakes up between 7:30 and 8:00 now. When she wakes up I usually bring her into my room and we just hang out the two of us for a little bit.

Once she is done with that (usually around 8:30) and ready for breakfast we get up, I make her a bottle and she eats. While she eats I prep my breakfast which is usually eggs and toast lately with a glass of milk.

After breakfast I put her in the pack n play and she plays while I shower. Once I am out of the shower she is ready for her snack. At this time I usually feed her apples, pears, peaches, carrots, or oatmeal. Then it's playtime for Claire while I get laundry done, and catch up on my T.V. shows.

 After play time she is ready for a bottle and to go down for a nap. She sleeps in the pack n play in my bedroom so I can work on the computer while she is napping.
Depending on the day she'll sleep for about an hour to two hours. During this time I get blog stuff done, design some stickers, watch you tube videos and read.

 The latest batch of stickers I made for my planner. Turned out so cute!

Working in the office while Claire Sleeps.

After her nap it's play time until she's hungry. Once she is hungry she eats and I make lunch for myself. Usually for lunch I will have leftovers from dinner or a sandwich. Then we try and get out of the house. I will go on a walk to the library, or just around our neighborhood, to my mom's or to Zack's mom. Somewhere. We try and get out of the house every day. Then we come home and by that time it's time to make dinner. I meal plan because it saves me time and money. I usually know exactly what I am making that day and just go ahead and start cooking.

 This day we went over to my parents house for dinner because it was my dad's birthday!

After dinner it's family play time with Zack since he is home from work. Claire goes to bed around 7:30 at night so once she is down then we have our personal time and then go to bed ourselves around 10:00.

There you have it, a simple day in my life!
Thanks for reading!

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