Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Utah Planner Meet up!

I went to my first planner meet up last month. It was so fun, and I am such an introvert that I was really proud of myself for doing something completely out of my comfort zone. It gave me encouragement to possibly even attend a monthly book club in person that I am part of online, normally I don't do these kind of things but I think I have been craving adult conversation more and more recently instead of asking my sweet and cute baby if she has a poopy diaper for the millionth time. Which she smiles and laughs at when she does have one, I guess she thinks that is funny.

Anyway it was so much fun meeting people who had the same crazy planner passion that I do. We got some great swag, some fun paper clips, planner charms, washi tape, and a cute bag from Carpe Diem or simple stories which is located out in Utah county and is a scrapbooking store. If any of you are interested in attending the next one check out the facebook group Utah Planner Pretties
and join if you want. We are having smaller meet ups throughout the state and a bigger one once a month.

I loved seeing everyone's different planners that they brought and getting to know more people. I highly encourage you to try and attend a meet up in your area if you can.


  1. Thank you for the article on the meetup. I just had someone on FB tell me about the group and started looking online for information about it. I had no idea we had such a thing here. I am also a planner nerd. Maybe I will see you at the next meeting....

    1. Oh yay! I am so glad you found the group, we are meeting the last Saturday of every month it looks like but at different locations so make sure and join the group to find out where. I am excited to see you there.