Monday, February 29, 2016

Be Kind

I know I promised a post on making your own stickers and I am working on that one but it is a really detailed post that is going to have to be split up into several different parts. I didn't spend enough time on that post to have it be ready for today so I am posting on something different.
Lately I have read several posts in the blog world and the comments on them have been so mean. Words are so hard to read without the expressions that go along with them. We may read something one way online but come to find out later that the author meant it to be read in a totally different light. This happens all the time for me, on Facebook, Instagram, and the blogs I follow. I would say that generally people aren't trying to be malicious with things they post but others take it that way and it makes me sad. This blog here is a good example. I love Danica's posts and her writing style. I honestly get what she is saying in the post, some people just love to complain and others get sick of listening to it all day. But people took it the wrong way and left some kind of weird/mean comments. I wanted to say something but like always just kept my mouth shut because it's "easier" that way. (As you can tell I am a total introvert, don't like confrontation etc). Another post that could have been easily taken the wrong way. Anything about motherhood basically because people always want to tell you to do it a different way/ give advice/ etc and it can be hard. I know with Claire I have taken it as it comes and just went along our merry way but for some people it really offends them.
The point of all this is that we should use the internet for good. To uplift others, encourage others, be creative, get new ideas, a new way of thinking about things. We shouldn't use it to hurt people, even unintentionally.
I encourage you to use the internet to help someone feel better about themselves. That's what I am going to do from now on.

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