Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Bachelor: Episodes 1 and 2 recap

I am loving this season of the bachelor. I want to do an episode recap here on my blog and talk about all the hilarious shenanigans that go on during the season. I am going to the episode recap every 2 episodes so that way it's a little more broken up and you can have time to catch up if you missed one week.

First off do we have some interesting characters this season.
My favorite has got to be this lady, the one who has never been away from her chickens for longer then 10 days, which is kind of crazy. She even lets one in stay in her bedroom and she wrote as her job chicken enthusiast. Personally I don't see this going far. (and it didn't she was gone after week 1)

Then we have these three ladies who spiced up the opening night with drama, a unicorn head and a rose hat:

I am pretty positive none of these ladies last very long.

This girl reminds me of Catherine from Sean's season:
 And she was Ben's first one on one date of the season.

So far the bachelor has been great and I am still catching up on the end of episode 2 and the new episode that aired this week. All the drama and the extravagant dates just make it so much fun.
How are you liking it so far this season?


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