Friday, January 15, 2016

Small Space: Nursery/Office layout

Right now Zack and I are living in an apartment while we finish up school and save for a house. We love our apartment and have lived here for almost 2 and a half years now. It's a two bedroom one bath space. While it has two bedrooms, we do have to combine the nursery and office in the extra bedroom because there isn't enough space in the living room or kitchen for our computers. Every inch of wall space is being used in this room and I can't wait until we can buy a house and upgrade to have a separate nursery. Right now it works for us though and I thought I would share the layout. Living in a small space is completely doable, you just have to be conscious of what you are keeping and storing and what you need.

 This is the view from the door

 When you first walk in my desk is on the left closest to the door, that can be annoying but it was the only way to make it work so Zack can scoot is computer chair out.

 Zack's desk is in the corner facing north. He wants a new desk so when that happens we are going to have to rearrange the room to fit it.

 This is Zack's desk in relation to mine. And where the crib is in relation to that.

 The crib is a full size regular crib we purchased from Walmart. It came with the mattress and we decided to go with a honey bear theme for Claire's nursery because we call her Claire bear all the time.

 This is the corner opposite of zack's comptuer and holds some plastic drawers from walmart that has miscellaneous items such as envelopes and stamps. The baby monitor sits on top of it which makes it a perfect place so I can always hear Claire at night. We also have the diaper genie next to the dresser and that thing rocks! It holds poopy diapers so well so you can't smell the odor, everyone should get one if you have a baby.

This is her dresser and bookcase, which holds her books, toys, burp clothes and other miscellaneous items. For how her dresser is organized check out my previous post on baby clothes. Her bookcase is from walmart. Her bathtub sits between the bookcase and the closet doors until it's in use.

 In relation to the closet doors

 Half of her closet is our camping gear, coolers, sleeping bags, tent, tarp, mattress pad, etc. We have a lot of camping gear and hopefully we go on a lot more trips this summer!

Underneath her baby clothes stores our musical instruments, yes we have three guitars, two flutes and an accordion. The accordion is actually really cool, it's antique and was my great great aunts. The boxes hold extra baby stuff that didn't have a place and of course there is random ribbon on the floor from Christmas that I was too lazy to put away *real life*.
As you can see every part of this room is packed, which is good. Do you have any tips for organizing small spaces? I would love to hear your ideas.

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