Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Everyday Makeup Routine

 Hello beauty lovers! Let's talk makeup! I have really simplified my routine lately. Mainly because I have a baby and she only gives me about 10 minutes before she starts needing something from me to do my makeup. I don't put on makeup everyday, but I usually do at least 3-4 times a week, and when we go out. Let's start with the face.

Rimmel Long Lasting 24 hour foundation! This is my favorite foundation right now and its only about $7.00 at the drugstore. It is a full coverage foundation but I just use about 1 pump for my entire face and it is perfect. I used to use a bb cream/ sheer foundation but I was having to apply so much because of the redness on my skin that it was taking up a lot of time to do each morning. With a full coverage foundation I can use a little bit and not have to build it up saving time. This gives a great matte finish and makes my skin look really natural.

 Loreal true match powder in the shade C3. I use this to set my foundation and under eye concealer. It's the perfect shade and a great all around face powder. If you are needing a good powder check it out, they have so many shade options.

 Bronzer: NYC sunny bronzer. This bronzer is about $3.00 and it's one of the best. I feel like it is a really good dupe for the popular Benefit Hoola bronzer which I also own. I don't put a lot on, but in the winter its great to make my face not look so flat.

 My all time favorite blush right now is Mac Mocha. It is the perfect blush for me and is practically a my cheeks but better shade. I have been obsessed over this blush for the last month or so.

 Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade 20 is good for hiding the dark circles under my eyes. I heard once that wearing concealer is just part of having good manners, it makes it so people ask you less questions if you are tired or not. I really liked that.

 Onto eyes. My favorite primer is wet n wild fergie eyeshadow primer. It's so cheap and really really good. Very comparable to the two faced shadow insurance primer I used to love but used up last year. I never wear shadows without a primer and this is a great one.

 My current eyeshadow palette that is in rotation is the coastal scents revealed palette. I love all the colors and I am trying to pan this palette this year. We will see how this goes as there are a lot of shades.

 For eyeliner I really like liquid eyeliners. They are easiest to apply for me and last all day. This is from NYX and it is their classic liquid black liner.

Mascara I have been using the covergirl super sizer. This is a new mascara from 2015 and it is amazing. I love it, I have very straight lashes but this holds my curl and lengthens them really well. I love this stuff.

So there you have it my really easy everyday makeup routine. The pictures aren't the best quality because I took them at ten at night and my kitchen table needed to be cleaned but hey this is real life not blog life, and my kitchen gets dirty once in a while.

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