Monday, January 25, 2016

How to organize your desktop background

As you have noticed I love being organized, it makes finding things so much easier and more effective. Today I am going to show you how to easily create this simple desktop background to organize all of your icons and apps.

First you need to find your computers resolution settings for your desktop. To do this go to the control panel on your computer and search for resolution, or go to your computer information and find it there. Mine is 1600 x 900, so once you have that figured out make sure and right it down.

Next you will go to When you get there this screen will appear:

 At the top you will click the button that says Design and then you will choose Custom for your choose a canvas option. Once you click custom this screen will appear:

 Enter in your resolution numbers, I wrote in 1600 X 900. Once you get that made then you will
 change the background of your canvas.

To change the canvas color you can type in your specific color code or you can just click on the color spot in the picture. Once you have the color you want click apply.
Next you are going to make the folders or squares that your icons are going to be organized in.

 To do this find the button on the left that says overlays and click on that. These options will appear:

You will choose the rectangle option, the one on the far left. Once you choose that this will appear on your canvas:

 The rectangle is on the left and you can move it with your mouse to where ever you would like. To make it transparent you will focus on the overlay box:

For color one make it dark so that the border around it is darker then the inside of the box. For color 2 choose the transparent option. Now click on that fade bar and drag it to where you want it to be.

Once you have done that you will right click on the box and this screen will appear:

 Click where it says duplicate overlay. It will create another box exactly like the one you just made so you wont have to do it all again. Now you can size your boxes and lay them out on the canvas however you would like to organize your icons. This is the layout I chose:

 Once you get the layout you want you can add titles to the boxes. To add text you just choose the text option on the left:

 Once you choose the text option pick your font and click add text. Type in the words you want and move the box to be above the boxes on your canvas so it looks something like this:

 Once you have done that save the image to your desktop. Then right click the image and say set as desktop background, then it will look like this:

Now you will just move the icons to where they need to go so it is now organized:

 It's really pretty simple and I like this method because I when I open my desktop its nice and organized, I can change the background color any time I want so for February I am going to do something pink. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and that you will put it to good use!


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