Friday, January 1, 2016

Baby Items I use Daily

Finally a post that isn't about planners. I am trying to find a good balance between all the things I like to blog about so hang in there as I do that better this year. I have finally found a pattern of blogging I can work with, and if you haven't noticed my new schedule is to blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I want to blog about all my interests so right now its kind of just random what posts I do on those days. Maybe in the future I will be more organized and put planner content up one day, baby stuff another, etc. For now it's whatever I am feeling at the moment and I like that.

First item I use everyday is our diaper bag. Of course. If you are a mom you know you can't go out of the house without one. This is the one that I am currently using and it has been really great. I have loved it so far but if you look at my previous post on what I got for Christmas, I am actually getting a new diaper bag later this month.
Second item we use everyday is this baby bouncer Claire is sitting in

I got it at one of my baby showers and it is the best thing. Right now the cover for it is in the wash and I have been procrastinating laundry (surprise, surprise) and its been hard because we haven't been able to use the chair. She loves it, and its a great place to put her in while I shower, clean the house, do what ever I need to. 

This carrier is from Target and both Zack and I use it all the time with Claire. When she was super little to now, and we will continue to use it for a while. It has 4 different positions you can carry the baby in and it is honestly a life saver. Especially when the baby doesn't want to be put down, but I have to get stuff done I just put her in here and away we go. 

Don't mind my messy bedroom and the sponge bob pillow on the bed :) ha ha.  

We use these baby swaddles all the time. I have several from little unicorn and from nordstrom. We love them and they make for good emergency burp cloths too.

Let's not even talk about the fact that my baby is only 4 days old in this picture and now she is 4 months old.

Another swaddle we use all the time is from the brand Swaddle Me. They are velcro and really strap her in, it makes it so she can't move her arms (although she is an escape artist and gets out of it all the time) so she doesn't startle herself awake. You can find them here on Amazon

We use blankets and quilts all the time, every day almost 24/7. This one is from Little Unicorn (linked above) and its the perfect size for Claire as she grows. I just love the beautiful poppy's, the print makes me smile on these dark winter days.

Another blanket and the baby swing I got off KSL. She loves to nap in the swing, or sometimes she'll even tolerate just sitting there and smiling and laughing. Now that she is more mobile though it is way to confining so she doesn't use it as much. We still use it but not as much as we did when she was a baby. 

This play mat we use daily. It is a great toy for babies to learn skills such as grabbing toys, kicking, and even rolling over. Claire loves it!

Last but not least her bumbo chair! Seriously the greatest invention ever. At dinner time we just put her in the chair and she watches us while we eat. She seems to like it cause she just smiles and smiles while she is sitting up there. We bring it with us on days we have to be somewhere for a long time. I highly recommend getting one. 

 Oh goodness, that smile. She is too cute for her own good! 

Well there you have it our favorite baby items. We also use bottles and other feeding gadgets because I do formula feed. I will do an entire post about what I have learned about formula feeding. Even though I strongly believe in breastfeeding, formula was the way I decided to go and it has worked for us. I want to help educate other people on formula because it was a learning process for me too. Anyway I hope you got something useful out of this post and maybe added something to your amazon wishlist? Let me know what items you use most down below. 

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