Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Planner Setup

I love the New Year! I am getting really excited about getting ready for the new year and reaching my goals. My only resolution from last year was to have a healthy baby. If you read this post about my miscarriages you would understand why I was worried about that possibility not happening. However, I have an amazing doctor and we figured out the solution and my baby arrived. This year I have more goals in the works but I haven't really sat down to finalize them yet. I will be doing that later on when I feel less overwhelmed. Anyway, my planner is part of helping me feel less overwhelmed for 2016 so I thought I would share my setup.

Many of you know by now that I use an Erin Condren planner.  I love it. This is the cover I chose for 2016, it is the prism cover and I just love the simplicity of it.

Right on the inside I got some of the Erin Condren sticky notes. I use these all the time so they are handy to have clipped in right in front of my planner.

I have always loved that the planner has a  yearly calendar in the front. Previously I used this to track my monthly cycle, but now I use an app on my phone instead for that. I haven't found a use for it yet so I am looking for ideas.

 A new feature to this years planner is the monthly goal boxes at the beginning of the calendar. You could use these sections for anything you want and again I haven't decided what I want to use mine for. I am playing around with the idea of using it to make a book list of the books I want to read each month in 2016.

The monthly view I use as a basic overview. Right now I have Claire's milestone stickers here, birthdays for people I want to send cards to, and my husbands work/ school schedule. Pretty simple.

In my weekly view I use this book mark from ARRlove on etsy and its perfect! I love how big it is and you can either write on it with sharpie or you can use sticky notes. I use sticky notes to carry things from week to week that I don't want to forget.

 If you want to see examples of my weekly spreads follow me @holladayplans on instagram for my planner account.

How I use the Erin Condren sticky notes mentioned above is for pre planning my week. I pre-plan on Wednesdays when I sit down to look at my weekend and that way it helps me remember things that need to happen the following week so I don't forget.

So far that is how I am using my planner. Sorry for the low quality pictures, I was just using my iphone6plus camera. It's a good camera so I can't complain to much and it's really the terrible lighting in the office that is making these pictures not so great.

Anyway, thanks for reading and stay tuned for Friday's post about my must have baby items.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What I got for Christmas

Hello! This Christmas was a lot of fun for us, especially with Claire. Although she didn't really understand what was going on she did like the shiny wrapping paper, and the bows on the presents. She got a lot of really awesome gifts from her grandparents and new clothes from Santa. I heard some people think its tacky to blog about what you got for Christmas but you know what I am going to share anyway.

 First up my two big gifts haven't arrived yet. I just ordered them this week after Christmas with the money that I got. The one on the left is this bag from Little Unicorn. It's called the Marindale backpack and I am really excited about it. I have needed a new diaper bag. I am currently using this one from Skip Hop. It's a good bag but where the fabric creases the lining has started to wear off and it has definitely shown some wear and I have only been using it for four months. I hope this new diaper bag holds up longer. I have heard great things about little unicorn bags, I have several of their swaddles and quilts and the quality is top notch so I am expecting great things. I will be doing a post all about it once I have it and have used it often.

The top picture on the right is of the Polaroid Zip from Erin Condren. I can not wait for this present. I am most excited about this one and it is my big gift from Zack. It prints pictures directly from your phone onto sticker photo paper and you can then put them where ever you want. I will be using it to put pictures into my planner as a memory for the day or month. I am so excited to get it I can't wait.

The bottom left I got from my secret sister and its a wallet from Kohl's. I love it. Mostly because it has so many pockets and I needed a new wallet.

I have been getting into comic books recently, thanks to Zack and his liking of them, and I got volumes 1 and 2 of Lumberjanes.

Left photo: Stencils from Happy place planning co on Instagram! I love it! I have already used it in my planner and it looks fabulous.

Top right photo this board game called Takenoko. Zack and I love playing games so this has been a fun addition to our collection and would take way to long to explain the rules. Let's just say that the rule book is in comic book form though so that is a win win.

I also got this recipe book from hobby lobby. It's from the brand Me and My Big Ideas and I am going to start filling it in soon. I have needed to organize my recipies for a long time.

I also got tights, a 3d puzzle, and a family calendar from Zack. I got a necklace from my MIL and hot cocoa.

It was a great Christmas. Zack and I have been very blessed this year. I am excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sticker Binder Part 3

We have reached the end of this walk through of my collection of stickers. Thanks for sticking through it with me. Next week I have plans to get back to posting about things other than planner stuff starting with a makeup related post and what I got for Christmas.

 The next section is half boxes, hearts, and flags.

 These half boxes are from Mare Bear Crafts

 Half Boxes from Mare Bear Crafts

 Appointment boxes on the left from Mare Bear Crafts and oval boxes on the right are from Lillie Henry

 Scalloped boxes on the left from Mare Bear Crafts and flags on the right are from My Queen Bee Designs

 Scalloped full boxes are from Mare Bear Crafts, hearts from Lillie Henry and bows from Mare Bare Crafts.
 circles and hearts from Mare Bear Crafts, arrows from Lillie Henry

 House boxes from My queen bee designs and circles from Lillie Henry, and tiny circles from Mare Bear Crafts
 scouts and cameras from Lillie Henry, Mark it dots from Amazon

 next section is miscellaneous

 Harry Potter and New Years Eve stickers from Mare Bear Crafts

 Cinderella stickers from One Orange Snowflake and random samplers are from various shops when you purchase stickers they send them with the order

 next section I call specialty stickers. In the pocket I have pumping log stickers from Lillie Henry that I am currently not using so I am just storing here.

 Emoji stickers from Amazon

 These camping stickers are from My Queen Bee Designs

 various scrapbook stickers from Target, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby

And that is the end! It took me a long time to compile all of these stickers and I do use this book every day, its a great way to store them and keep them concise in one place.
How do you store your stickers?


Monday, December 21, 2015

Sticker Binder Part 2

Update: I know on Saturday I said that I would be filming a video of my sticker binder for today, let's be real though its Christmas week and there is no way I am going to be able to get that done so it will have to wait until after this crazy week is over.

The next section in the binder is monthly/weekly kits

This July monthly kit is from Scribble Prints Co

The one on the left is Scirbble Prints Co and the one on the right is from My Queen Bee Designs. With these monthly kits you can think outside the monthly colors and use them for other seasons, like red is good for Christmas or Valentines and blue for winter so you can get a lot of use out of these types of stickers.
Mare Bear Crafts
Left may kit from Mare Bear Crafts, right June kit from Scribble Prints Co

left June from Mare Bear Crafts, right is November monthly kit from Oh Hello Stationary

November monthly kit from Oh Hello Stationary

Arctic Aquatic weekly kit from Oh Hello Stationary. I can't wait to use this kit in January! Stay tuned for a look at the spread once I do.

Arctic Aquatic kit from Oh Hello Stationary

Winter Blues weekly kit from Mare Bear Crafts on the left. Various stickers from Two Little Bees on the right

Two little bees

two little bees

two little bees

The Glam Planner aztec weekly kit

The Glam Planner Aztec weekly kit

This next section is what I call my ICON section. The front pocket has sticker books from the container store which I use almost every week in my planner.

The first few pages are dedicated to money and these dollar signs are from My Queen Bee Designs

On the left is a 52 week saving challenge sticker set from Mare Bear Crafts and on the right are piggy banks, and bill due stickers from Mare Bear Crafts.

On the left are circle dollar signs from Mare Bear Crafts and then we move into the next section which is food. On the left are crock pots from Mare Bear Crafts and on the right we have small meal plan stickers, brown paper bag stickers, and oven stickers from Mare Bear Crafts.

On the left is grocery sacks from Mare Bear Crafts and then mixers from Lillie Henry.
On the right is various fruit stickers from Lillie Henry.

Next is hot cocoa stickers from My Queen Bee Designs and shopping cart stickers from One Orange Snowflake. Then it's the section that I labeled office. I have file folder stickers from Lillie Henry and laptop stickers from Lillie Henry.

On the left we have tiny envelopes from One Orange Snowflake, Phone stickers from Scribble Prints Co, phone appointment stickers from Mare Bear Crafts and iphone stickers from Mare Bear Crafts. Then it's the kids section and we have onesies from Lillie Henry and then different kids icons from Scribble Prints Co.
the colorful hand prints are from Lillie Henry and I use them to mark craft days I have with Claire when she's older. On the right we have milestone stickers from Lillie Henry for babies first year, and pregnancy appointment stickers, I never used these when I was pregnant this year but I am saving them for our next baby. If it's a boy I'll just order new ones in different colors.

 On the left we have bath time stickers to indicate bath night. Then it's the entertainment section. Movie Marquees are from Mare Bear Crafts, Pianos are from Mare Bear Crafts and music notes are from Lillie Henry.

 Popcorn bucket stickers are from My Queen Bee Designs and movie appointment stickers are from Mare Bear Crafts. Date Night stickers are from Mare Bear Crafts.

Then we move onto health section and the weights and running girls are from Mare Bear Crafts and the dentist/doctors appointments are from Ruby Doobies.

Fit bit tracking stickers from Mare Bear Crafts, scales from Mare Bear Crafts and Dumbbells from Mare Bear Crafts. The next section is cars and on the right we have car check up stickers from Mare Bear Crafts.

 This page has random Martha Stewart Tear Drop stickers, Gas pump stickers from Mare Bear Crafts, Tiny cars from One Orange Snowflake and Instagram stickers from Mare Bear Crafts.

 Weather stickers, then we have beauty stickers and we have makeup brushes from Mare Bear Crafts and nail polish from My Queen Bee Designs.

 next we have these random appointment stickers from Lillie Henry. On the right are temple stickers (I am LDS) that I bought in my local area.

 Temple stickers again, then we have birthday candle stickers from My Queen Bee Designs.

Last page of this section! The birthday labels are from Mare Bear Crafts, the birthday candles are from Lillie Henry. The light bulb stickers are from Lillie Henry and the flip flops for summer are from Lillie Henry.

That concludes part 2! Sorry it was a long one but that icon section is the largest section in the binder. Stay tuned for Wednesdays part 3 post.