Friday, December 4, 2015

Filofax Appearances in Movies and TV Shows

I am really excited about this post. I got the idea from one of the planner Facebook groups that I am in. Everyone knows by now how much I love my planner. Before I was using an Erin Condren Life Planner but I recently switched over to a Filofax Malden. The reason I switched was my Erin Condren was just to big to fit into my diaper bag and the Malden has enough pockets that the planner acts as my wallet as well, so that way I have it on me all the time. I am loving the fact that I can customize it, and have discovered Danielle's inserts over at Sew Much Crafting which has made my life so much easier. Her inserts are affordable and she prints them herself and sends them to you already punched and ready to go.
Filofax has been around for ages and over the years there have been a few TV shows/ movies that the planners have made an appearance.

 The first one I love is from the movie 27 dresses. This is Jane's planner. She is obsessed with it, and leaves it in the back seat of the taxi cab she uses in the first 20 minutes of the movie. A guy finds her planner and  decides to schedule him self in. This would make me mad, as it does her and the rest of the movie is just cute. You should definitely watch it. On a side note I am dying to know what other things she stuffs in her planner.

Another planner appearance. See on Pam's desk over by Jim the green book? Well that is a filofax! You see it in a few episodes here and there but it makes me happy!

When researching for this post I shouldn't have been surprised that type A personality Leslie Knope would have a planner in Parks and Recreation. I mean she is so organized all the time and is always taking projects to the next level so a planner would have to be part of her daily life. See that red book her hand is resting on, yep another filofax! Looks like an A5 size.

This is a new show on Netflix I have started watching that is really cute. It's called Jane the Virgin. She is an avid planner and you see her Daytimer in quite a few scenes. She doesn't use a filofax but a day timer has the same qualities. 

This quote speaks to me! This is from a movie called New York Minute. I really want to see it since one of the twins (sorry I can't tell them apart) character is based off being organized and always has her planner "nerd book" with her.

This is the Lake House with Sandra Bullock. In this scene she is holding her red planner while checking the infamous mail box for a letter.

This is the movie Taking care of Business. It's based entirely off of this executive loosing his Filofax and trying to find it. 

Tina Fey in 30 rock carrying her planner on set. 

Now a few honorary mentions. I am not sure on these movies/ TV shows if the characters actually have a planner on them.

Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada.  Her desk seems like it would have some sort of calendar on it. I mean the whole movie is based around her being a secretary to a fashion magazine editor so she would have to be organized.

Regina's desk in Once Upon A Time. The Evil Queen and mayor of Storybook, Maine probably has a calendar on her desk that has all of her evil doings in it, I don't know but she seems pretty organized to me.

Jane's character in Thor is someone who would most likely have a calendar. She does carry around a moleskin type notebook through out the movie that hosts her research and Thor even retrieves it from Shield for her. 

Just a few mentions of planners in movies but I love it because most of these characters I can relate to. Do you know of any other scenes I didn't mention where they have a planner? Leave it in the comments below!
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