Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The month just gets away from you! It's crazy! Last week we had the cold go through our house. It started with Zack, then I got it and then the baby got it. She just had a runny nose (thank goodness) so it seems to be better now. Then this week my sister got married and we had a busy day with that. Anyway, life just happens and I don't keep up with my blog very much.
Claire is 3 months old now. She is the cutest baby around. She sleeps 10 hours at night (I know I'm so lucky!), she is such a champ at eating and is just a happy baby to be around. She is loved by so many people and it makes me so happy to have that for her.
Zack is the best dad around and is so cute with her, I never imagined he would be this good of a dad but he is and I got so lucky to have him. I will be posting more this week, in between going to two Thanksgiving dinners, and decorating our house for Christmas it will be a busy week but well worth it.
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