Monday, November 2, 2015

Monthly Planner Round up

I wanted to give you guys a quick update on my planning system right now. I have been using my Erin Condren Life Planner (the new 2015-2016 one that I got in June to replace my hold 2014-2015 one) since August now and I have been loving it. I finally have figured out what planning style works best for me and I do a mix of both functional and decorative planning. Functional planning is when you use stickers to mark events that are happening throughout the week. For example, I use a clean house sticker on the days that I am cleaning my house. I use a party sticker to indicate when there are parties happening. I use a grocery bag sticker to mark when I go grocery shopping.. You get the point. Decorative planning is when you use scrapbook stickers/ fun stickers to decorate your planner. I love the Darice books from Michael's that you get for $1.00. I have a lot of them and its fun to use one book for the entire weeks spread. For Halloween I had to use the same Darice sticker book for 2 weekly spreads because I didn't get out to Michael's in time to pick up a new Halloween book. I have a lot of the Darice books for Thanksgiving though so I am excited to post my monthly planner round up next month. Anyway here is a snapshot of all my spreads in my planner since August. I will link all etsy shops that I purchase stickers from down below so you can go check them out. Leave any questions you have in the comments.

This is a dashboard I made with sticky notes I had on hand. They are almost all used up so when I have used them I will throw this dashboard away and create a new one. 

This dashboard is the one from Erin Condren and these sticky notes are really sticky. I use them for pre-planning my weeks which I will show you in another post. 

The first week in August I started using my planner again. 

The second week in August I went with a purple theme. I thought it went really well with the yellow color and I still do. I love marking Zack's traveling days with the airplane washi, its so cute.

This was the week Claire was born! She was born on Saturday August, 22 and I really had no idea she would come that day so I was just planning like a normal week. I even had a Dr's appointment the day before she came and I thought that I would at least go another week or two. 

The week after Claire came. As you can tell no planning happened whatsoever and I just enjoyed time with my sweet baby. 

Harry Potter week. If you don't know why I would decorate this week Harry Potter then we can't be friends. Just kidding. We can, just go read Harry Potter or watch the movie to find out. 

A fun fall inspired week, I mostly used fall colors and some fun fall stickers. 

This week I am embarrassed to put up here. Seriously it was terrible decorating on my part but it was melon days in Green River, Utah and so I tried to go with a pink and green theme but that didn't work out. 

A pretty minimal week as I was still trying to juggle my new role of being a stay at home mom. 

John and Ashlee's wedding week. John is my husbands brother and their wedding colors were blue purple so I decorated this week based off of that. It was fun mixing up the fall colors. 

Just another fall week, pretty simple but busy. 

This week I tried to do more decorating with scrapbook paper but I didn't really like how it turned out. I mean it was okay but I definitely prefer not to use the scrapbook paper. 

The week before Halloween. It was fun using these festive stickers. 

The week of Halloween. It was actually a really busy week for me but that's okay it was really fun. 

And the current week coming up. I just started this week today so at the end of November I will post the finished spread here, it is a woodland animals theme and they are just so cute I love it. It makes me want to open my planner up every day and use it. 

The notes pages in the back of my planner. I have a favorite meals list on the left and a meals to try on the write. These help me so much when I am meal planning so I know what to plan out for the week. 

books to read list

Daily Routine List

Morning and Evening routine list

and this is how I have my pen attached to my planner. I stick the pen holder on the keep it together folder so I can switch out my covers of the planner if I want to. The pen is a crown pen I bought off amazon and it writes really really well. 

Etsy Shops I love
Oh Hello Stationary:

For $10.00 off your first Erin Condren order use this link to create an account. You get $10.00 and I do to, and if I get enough credits I will be doing a giveway for the new year.

I love planning and as you can see have definitely fallen down the rabbit hole into this community. It has been really fun and something I have truly enjoyed. 


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    1. Your welcome! I love your stickers and use them every month! Thanks for reading the post :)

  2. Thank you for posting this. I have been on the fence about planners, but you make it look functional and beautiful. I used your link above, thank you for that. I also wanted to know where you got your Harry Potter stickers. I love them!


    1. Hey Bianca! Thanks so much for reading! The Harry Potter stickers are from Mare Bear Crafts (a link to her shop is up above in the post), but I got the stamps from Amazon. Just search Harry potter stamps and they will pull up, you can actually use them on letters and such but they were so cute so I added them in my planner. You can also get Harry Potter stickers from One Orange Snowflake (also linked above). Thanks again!